Feng Shui layout of office toilet

The office is where the company’s employees work. At the same time, the toilet needs to be designed in this area. Then, how can the Feng Shui layout of the office toilet be better

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Feng Shui layout of office toilet

1. Public health space is a space with high privacy requirements. The equipment it owns includes wash basins, water closets, etc., and full consideration should be given to the storage and configuration of sanitary equipment. In principle, the toilet is an attached unit of the building, and its area is often small, and its lighting and ventilation quality are often sacrificed. How to balance the layout of the toilet is the key consideration of modern office feng shui

2. In terms of Feng Shui, the toilet is required to be pressed on the fierce side, which is relatively simple in treatment. However, it should be noted that the toilet upstairs must not be pressed on the office, otherwise many adverse consequences will occur. The center of the office building, like the heart of the same person, is very important. Therefore, the bathroom must not be located in the center of the office building, especially the main leadership Office of the company

3. Because of the construction cost, it is difficult to achieve perfection in the design of urban office buildings, especially in the layout of toilets. If there is a long corridor in the office building and the bathroom is set at the end of the corridor, we must pay attention to the treatment and should not open the door towards the corridor. The bathroom must have windows. It’s best to have plenty of sunshine and air circulation. The reason is very simple, so that the turbid gas can be discharged more easily and keep the air fresh

4. Because the space planning is unreasonable, or the developers want to maximize profits, the toilets of some office buildings can’t open windows, which is what we call ” Black toilet, It has no windows, only an exhaust fan, and the exhaust fan is not often turned on. The toilet should be close to the wall. If the toilet is in the middle of the toilet, it will destroy the overall harmony of the toilet and bring inconvenience to life. If possible, try to set up a public toilet outside the company gate. The toilet located inside the company must be equipped with a high-power exhaust fan to discharge the foul gas after each use in time, and try to keep the toilet dry, clean and free of odor. I believe all adverse airflow will be far away

5. The bathroom is a very private place, so it’s best not to use glass doors. If there are men’s and women’s toilets in the office building, the layout principle of men’s left and women’s right should be followed, that is, looking out from the position in the toilet door, the men’s toilet is on the left and the women’s toilet is on the right. This is the ethical code of Feng Shui. We must pay attention to it

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