What’s good for balcony Feng Shui brake

The balcony is a communication channel for every family facing the outside world. The feng shui of the balcony is good, which can bring wealth and fortune to the family. On the contrary, it will block wealth and fortune from the outside. Therefore, we should learn to put some mascots on the balcony to make wealth and fortune roll, which can not only add vitality to the balcony, but also boost fortune. Why not? In geomantic omen, generally speaking, the balcony plants that have the function of prosperity are tall and strong, and the thicker and larger the leaves are, the better the green is. For example, Fugui bamboo, money tree, brown bamboo and fortune tree are all very suitable plants to be raised on the balcony

a kind of potted plant

plant 3 or 5 pots of cypress and tree potted plants on the balcony, which has the function of attracting distinguished people, especially suitable for commercial or business work. The effect of planting hibiscus and roses can also be brought into play. It can also resolve the problem of indoor frustration

2. Wind chime hanging

some people are short of money, or the balcony is a wealth position. They can hang wind chimes on the balcony, which can not only listen to the crisp and pleasant sound when the bell strikes. There is also the effect of urging and flourishing wealth

III. write as a symbol order

prepare a piece of red paper, cut it into the size of a coin, and write a ” lsquo; on it with a black pen; Fire ” rsquo; The word is pasted on the wall on the balcony to block the evil spirit. With the power of talismans, it has a certain effect on expelling invisible evil Qi

IV. Taishan stone dare

if there are evil spirits outside your balcony radiating indoors, such as sharp corner evil spirits, building corners, chimneys, utility poles, launch towers and other evil spirits, you can put a Taishan stone dare on the balcony against the evil spirits to resolve them

v. Feng Shui wheel Zhaoxiang

place Feng Shui wheel from the room to the left of the balcony, let the Feng Shui wheel roll the flowing moisture, recruit all kinds of wealth, and flow to their own homes to enrich the Treasury. In addition to collecting money, it is also helpful for career fortune and can attract distinguished people

VI. crystal hole reinforcement

the natural crystal hole has the energy to radiate and receive the magnetic field. You can put a Amethyst on the balcony. The placement direction is not taboo with the size of the crystal hole, but it should be noted that the crystal hole should face outward during the day, and the Amethyst hole should face into the house at dusk, so that the good energy absorbed during the day can be distributed into the house

VII. Fortune tree

the leaves are round, thick and plump, which can absorb external gold and gas and is conducive to wealth. The moral of fortune tree is that fortune tree has a wide source of wealth. Fortune tree is suitable to be placed on the home balcony. First of all, the name fortune tree is very consistent with the intention of Attracting Wealth and the preference of our Chinese people. Moreover, the implication of fortune tree in Feng Shui is also very auspicious. It has the function of Attracting Wealth and prosperity. Placing fortune tree on the home balcony can bring wealth and happiness to the family. Therefore, fortune tree is very suitable to be placed on the home balcony and has strong ornamental. Planting it on the balcony is a good choice

VIII. Fugui bamboo

Fugui bamboo does not require high growth conditions, and the implication is also very good. It is easy to plant at home. Fugui bamboo is also known as ” Wannian Bamboo ” ;. The name Fuguizhu is also in line with the preferences of our Chinese people; Wealth ” ; That is, it represents wealth. Fugui bamboo has thick green leaves, vigorous growth and good growth. If you keep it on the balcony, it will not only look good but also attract money. Then quickly arrange a basin

IX. leaf orchid

this plant originates from tropical rain forest. The leaves are very big and beautiful. They are suitable for growing in dark places, so it is suitable to be used as a Feng Shui plant in the bathroom. In terms of Feng Shui, yiyelan has a strong Feng Shui recovery function, that is, it absorbs and reuses the downward Feng Shui to form a small cycle in the space. This cycle will provide a stronger financial support for the Feng Shui fortune of the whole room and play a great role in improving Feng Shui

the above is about what is the best way to block the evil spirits of Feng Shui plants on the balcony and what plants are good for Feng Shui on the balcony. The balcony not only has a good space for raising flowers and plants, but also has a certain fluidity

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