What plants are put in the newly decorated house? It’s good for the air and Feng Shui

In fact, when we decorate the house, we will be worried about some toxic gases left in the room. Therefore, it is more appropriate for us to choose to place some plants indoors. First of all, we can choose some plants that can absorb the decoration smell, and then consider the efficacy of these plants in Feng Shui

put daisies in the newly decorated home

first of all, daisies look small and lovely, and their flowers are bright in color and look very elegant. They won’t dominate at home. They can be used as good decorations or Feng Shui plants. Generally speaking, daisies will bloom at the beginning of spring, giving people a feeling of vitality and vitality, It is a gentleman’s demeanor. In fact, it gives people a feeling of innocence and romance. It can also add a lot of color to our whole family. In addition, daisies can help us eliminate pollution and some bad gases brought by new indoor decoration

put Ivy plants

in fact, many people will put some green plants in their homes. They choose some plants that can be evergreen, otherwise it will be very troublesome if they often need to be replaced, so ivy is a good choice. Ivy can help us absorb some harmful substances, and some experts say, Ivy will play a good role in absorbing the gas brought by decoration such as formaldehyde, so it is the most appropriate choice for people newly decorated at home to place Ivy at home

put the Ping An tree in the new decoration of the home

it is auspicious to choose the Ping An tree according to its name. It is also one of the most popular Feng Shui plants in the home. The Ping An tree can release a faint aroma. This smell feels fresh and natural, and people will feel that the whole person is mentally happy when they smell it, but it should be noted that when we buy it every day, We must pay attention to the choice of potted soil, because when cultivating these plants, the soil and roots can form potted plants, otherwise they can only be planted on the ground. It is recommended that you choose potted plants, which will be easy to survive

put aloe in the newly decorated home

we all know that aloe has a miraculous effect on absorbing some peculiar smell at home, and can also prevent radiation. The so-called effect is many. Cultivating aloe at home can not only help us improve the indoor air and radiation pollution, so in fact, aloe is also very suitable to be placed at home. In addition, as long as the plants are exposed to the sun, Then the vitality will be very strong, because aloe belongs to a plant with strong growth ability, which can release more oxygen than other plants. Naturally, it can purify some formaldehyde gases in home decoration

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