Is the gate facing the stairs the pattern of returning money

In Feng Shui, the pattern of the gate facing the stairs is called ” Petunia ” ;. As the entrance of air flow, the movement of air field in this position of stairs is particularly active, but no matter whether the stairs are up or down, the air flow in this position cannot form undetermined accumulation. When such unstable anger is absorbed by the gate, it will lead to unstable fortune at home

if it is facing the downward stairs, the airflow will flow down the stairs, which is regarded as the pattern of returning money. Generally, there are two kinds of patterns when the door is facing the stairs, one is facing the stairs downward. Because the door is ” Water ” ; Road and water represent wealth. Therefore, the stairs in front of the door are down, that is, the water flows down, forming a pattern of leakage and loss of wealth in the home, which has an adverse impact on the wealth of the home. It is easy for money to accumulate and cannot make ends meet

this way of resolving the pattern is to add a threshold at the entrance door to form the feeling of stepping into the door. There is no limit to the texture of the threshold, and placing a few ancient coins under the threshold is more effective; Or put a screen and a porch to block the leakage of internal air, and put a pair of copper unicorns outside at the same time. This can play a role in dissolving the evil spirit

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