How to find Wenchang bed

Wenchang bed resuscitation array: in addition to Wenchang position, sleeping on Wenchang bed can also get the blessing of Wenchang star. Moreover, people sleep eight hours a day. Affected by Wenchang star, they will get more blessings of Wenchang star and strengthen their ability to develop brain cells

cloth Wenchang bed with flying star: Wenchang bed can be arranged in the way of cloth Wenchang desk. The effect of cloth Wenchang bed with flying star is very amazing

first have ” mdash; A twenty-four mountain compass

only using the four dimensions of southeast and Northwest can not enter the world of flying stars

at the gate of your house, find out the sitting direction of your house with a compass

Where should I stand to measure when looking for a house to sit

to accurately measure the sitting direction of a house, stand outside the gate at the position of seven footprints from the gate (i.e. about three steps) and face the gate

put the compass on your chest, and the side line of the compass is balanced with the gate, so you can accurately find out the mountain direction of the house

in ancient times, people lived in independent houses. It was very easy to find out the mountain direction

most modern people live in high-rise buildings. Practice shows that the units from the ground to the fifth floor are greatly affected by the ground magnetic field. The sitting direction of the whole building should be taken as the unit. When measuring, you should stand at seven footprints outside the main door of the building

after finding the mountain direction, you can find your own Wenchang position according to the search method of residential Wenchang position, and then set up a Wenchang bed

with Wenchang bed opening array, the lower the number of floors, the better Feng Shui. The reason is that geomantic omen is affected by local climate. You live on the top floor of skyscrapers. Due to the lack of local climate, geomantic omen has more variables

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