What about the light in the living room

The light in the living room must be sufficient; Hall is bright and room is dark ” ; It is a design rule that must be observed. A bright living room can bring good luck to the family. It is the right design for the living room to connect with the viewing balcony. This layout can make the living room absorb more sunshine and promote air convection. If you look out from the living room, you will have a wide field of vision, mountains and water, which will have a positive impact on the health, wealth, official and Wenchang of the residents. If the living room is dark and the view is not wide, it will cause ” Return money ” ; Pattern, easy to make the owner’s career go downhill

if the lighting of the living room is poor, you can generally make up for this from the light, such as adding small lamps such as desk lamps or spotlights, or adding glass decoration in the living room to increase the transparency of the home and reflect the light. Of course, in the overall design of the living room, we must maintain a simple tone. The wall color should be white as much as possible, and so should the furniture. In addition, in order to keep the space open and make the whole room appear transparent, the furniture should not be too complicated

light can create an intriguing sense of hierarchy. Appropriately add some auxiliary light sources in the living room, especially the light sources of fluorescent lamps, so that they can be reflected on the ceiling and wall, which can receive miraculous effects

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