How to resolve the bad feng shui in the bathroom

The five elements of the bathroom belong to water, and water is the main wealth, so the location of the bathroom is largely related to the family’s income. At the same time, the bathroom is also a gathering place of dirty water, which is easy to attract the disease of two black and five yellow. If the location is not good, the owner will be weak, and the whole family will be ill. Therefore, the orientation of the bathroom is extremely important. What are the taboos about the orientation of the bathroom

① orientation: South, bad

effect: water and gas here can destroy fire and gas energy. This will lead to a lack of passion, less opportunities for public recognition and easy involvement in legal proceedings

solution: start wood gas energy: plant tall plants or install wooden accessories and floors to reconcile water and fire

② orientation: Southwest, adverse

effect: the gas energy here is changeable and unstable, while the soil gas in southwest can destroy water and gas energy. If unchecked, this can lead to eventual poor health

solution: put a small bowl of sea salt in the bathroom, accompanied by an iron basin or statue and some white, silver or gold things to start the gold energy and coordinate the soil and water

③ orientation: West, bad

effect: the gold gas here can be exhausted by water energy, which will eventually lead to the depletion of your income

solution: start Jinneng by planting safflower plants. Red flowers, or iron pots or statues can also be used

④ orientation: Northwest, bad

effect: water energy exhausts gold and gas energy, which will make you feel mentally disintegrated, confused and out of control

solution: plant white flower plants to establish gold energy, or prepare white flowers in the room, or round silver pots and metal sculptures

many Feng Shui classics mention that the bathroom should not be located in the southwest or northeast, and it is considered that the bathroom should be located in these two places

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