How to display works of Art

Specific to the layout of works of art, experts suggest that we should pay attention to the following principles:

① pay attention to scale and proportion. The small tea table can’t put big clay figurines. Hanging a small plate on the open wall will appear stingy. If the wall is open, a wall lamp can be installed, and a group of hanging plates can be hung around the wall lamp

② pay attention to visual conditions. It should be placed at the level of human sight as far as possible. In the specific decoration, those with conspicuous colors should be placed on dark furniture; Beautiful pebbles and quaint coins can be put in a shallow basin and placed low for a panoramic view; If there are many high-quality products, they should be changed every few days to receive the effect of constant innovation; Small furnishings can be concentrated in one corner and arranged as an indoor interest center

③ pay attention to artistic effect. In the combination cabinet, you can deliberately put a painting plate to break the monotony of rectangular lattice; On the straight and square tea table, a beautiful vase can be placed to enrich the overall image

④ pay attention to texture contrast. Small animal toys made of velvet are placed on the marble slab, and a traditional Chinese painting is decorated on the bamboo curtain, which can highlight the status of handicrafts

⑤ there is no conflict between the display of handicrafts and the decoration style of my family, and there is no conflict between my handicrafts and the decoration style of my family. At the same time, indoor handicrafts should be complemented with green plant decoration, which is the so-called ” Sense of order, Random filling and stacking can make people have the effect of no organization and no order; The orderly arrangement of works of art will have a sense of rhythm. Just as the melody and rhythm of music give people enjoyment, we should pay attention to the matching of size, height, density and color

pay attention to the color relationship between crafts and the whole environment. Small handicrafts may as well be more gorgeous, and large handicrafts should pay attention to the coordination with the tone of the environment

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