What is the most suitable material for the floor of the restaurant

More and more families have independent restaurants, and the materials of restaurants also need to be paid attention to. In Feng Shui, restaurants and kitchens have similarities. Both of them are easy to be contaminated with greasy dirt, especially on the ground. At the same time, these two places are closely related to food and need to be kept clean in order to maintain good feng shui

however, the Feng Shui requirements of the restaurant are special. In addition to being clean and hygienic, it should also be beautiful and generous to create a good dining environment, because it virtually affects the appetite and mood of the family and promotes the body and career

therefore, mosaic flooring is not suitable for restaurants. For the sake of the beauty of the restaurant, some families put carpets on the restaurant, which are not easy to clean, and are easy to be damaged due to long-term oil contamination. The smell of dilapidated oil will rush into the feng shui of the house, but it is not good

the restaurant is different from the kitchen. The five elements are not fire. You can consider using wood floor, but the color should not be too light. In addition, ceramic tiles and marble are simple and easy to clean, and it is also more appropriate to shop in the restaurant

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