How to use balcony wangwenchang

The balcony is the most open and vast place of the house, which is closest to the nature. Therefore, it can absorb the sunshine, air and wind and rain outside the house. It is the place where the home can absorb the gas. Both auspicious and vicious gases flow back and forth in this river. If some beautification steps are taken in this area, it can help to prosper Wenchang and greatly improve the health and fortune of the family

because the balcony is relatively open and the sunlight is sufficient, many people like to plant all kinds of colorful flowers on the balcony. But in fact, there’s a lot of stress in it. Whether the balcony is suitable for planting green plants has a lot to do with the location. The balcony in the southeast is the most suitable for planting plants. Wenchang is located in the southeast. Wenchang Camptotheca acuminata is located in the southeast. Therefore, the balcony in this location can have a variety of tall and strong plants with large and green leaves, which can promote the prosperity of Wenchang, especially for those engaged in civil work such as writing and planning, and will also be helpful to the study of the eldest daughter of the family

however, the balconies in the southwest and northeast are not suitable for planting plants, otherwise it will have an adverse impact on the family’s intestines, stomach and transportation. Planting plants in the southwest will also affect the hostess’s transportation, and the Northeast will affect the children’s studies. If you must plant things in these two directions, you can plant some safflower plants to dissolve the wood Qi with fire

the drainage outlet of the balcony cannot be opened in the wealth position in the southwest, due east and Southeast, which will leak wealth; Driving in the fierce position in the due west and northeast is beneficial to Wenchang

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