What color should the bedroom be arranged

The wall of the bedroom should not use glass, metal, marble and other materials as much as possible, but use paint to avoid the reflection of the bedroom air, which is conducive to the breathing of the wall, and the color should be soft, which can make people feel calm and help to rest. According to the principle of five elements, the orientation of the bedroom corresponds to the selected color as follows:

① East and Southeast: green and blue

② South: lavender, yellow, black

③ West: pink, white, beige and gray

④ North: gray white, beige, pink and red

⑤ Northwest: gray white, pink, yellow, brown, black

⑥ Northeast: light yellow, rust color

⑦ Southwest: yellow and brown

pure red is rarely used except as an emphasis color. If it can be used too much, it will increase the complexity of space questions. It is more suitable to deal with its restrictions in the bedroom

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