What are the Feng Shui problems in Northwest kitchen

In addition to the location of the kitchen in the northwest, we should pay attention to the location of the kitchen in the northwest. In addition, we should pay attention to the location of the kitchen in the northwest, which is not suitable for home life. In addition, we should pay attention to the location of the kitchen in the northwest. If the kitchen is arranged in the kitchen in the northwest, we should also pay attention to the location of the kitchen in the northwest, It will affect the luck and career development of the man’s master. What are the Feng Shui problems in the northwest kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. Feng Shui principle

the northwest is the dry position. Qiangua is not only the position of the father in the family, but also the key position for promotion and wealth. It is suitable to live but not to be conquered. Living is beneficial and conquering is fierce. Qian Gua is gold. I’m most afraid of fire

the flourishing fire in the dry position means that the fire burns the Tianmen gate: the due south is the dry position of the congenital eight trigrams, and the northwest is the dry position of the acquired eight trigrams. Dry is heaven, so it is called the Tianmen gate. Due south or northwest, these two directions see very heavy things. Whether it is indoor appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, televisions and computers, or outdoor high objects, such as electric towers, tall buildings and chimneys, they all belong to burning Tianmen. The main reason is that there are disasters and the family has heart, brain and blood diseases. The northwest of the Forbidden City is the flood, including Zhonghai, Nanhai, Beihai and Shichahai, which effectively avoids the burning of Tianmen. It is a very good feng shui pattern

II. Feng Shui taboo in Northwest kitchen

1. The kitchen is a fire and impatient place. In the northwest, it is the place of male masters. It is easy to cause the male host’s inevitable mood to be more irritable, so it is naturally difficult to display his career well, or talk more at work

2. The northwest dominates the lung. The kitchen is in the northwest. Oil smoke fills the house every day. It can be seen that the male host’s respiratory system is prone to problems

3. Since it’s the place of male host, please see if there are bright flowers in your kitchen? If so, be sure to see if your husband has been chased recently

III. Feng Shui problems in the northwest of the kitchen

the northwest is dry, which is the first of congenital gossip. It is a place worthy of respect. As a kitchen, the northwest dry party burns the male owner. The biggest problem in health is that the owner is prone to cancer (generally, the incidence of lung cancer and throat cancer is high), irritable, high blood pressure, heart, eyes, skin, throat, lungs, bones and blood

the northwest is dry, and the five elements belong to gold. It is forbidden to build kitchens and toilets

Northwest is the kitchen, burning the male host and cancer

the northwest is the toilet, and the male owner has jaundice. He was poor all his life

IV. how to solve Feng Shui problems

solution method 1. Use the exhaust fan and range hood as in the kitchen, and keep the kitchen ventilated, clean and sanitary. Do not put plants in the kitchen. This direction is fire. If you put plants in the kitchen as a threat, put more cans of crude salt water. More crude salt is better. It is better to fill it up, and you can’t use iodized salt. There must be crude salt that has not been processed, and then inject water into the salt surface, And put six fifty cents copper coins on the salt. Just use the Chinese fifty cents coins and open the cover. This requires an effective corresponding chemical action between alkaline copper and excess carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide molecules in the kitchen, so that the air flow in the space can be used as acid and alkali, and the pH value in the space can be effectively improved

solution 2. In addition to burning Tianmen, there is Tianmen fire. Should the kitchen be hung with a mirror or illuminated by a mirror? If the mirror reflects the food in the stove and pot, it is called Tianmen fire, which will cause fire or misfortune to the house

the burning of Tianmen gate is resolved by decoration method or five elements customs clearance method. For example, if the kitchen is located in the northwest, move the kitchen in the decoration design to avoid the northwest direction. This is the most direct solution in terms of orientation

v. Feng Shui in the northwest of the kitchen stove

the northwest is a taboo position in the kitchen. It is easy to have ” Burn the heart ” ; Therefore, we should try our best to avoid it. It is suggested to place the stove in the south. In addition, it can also be determined according to the fate of the owner, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; Like to use the southwest, then the southwest direction can be used as the orientation of the stove and suppress the adverse gas field of the kitchen

in Feng Shui, the most advantageous thing is to use mascots to suppress the gas field and resolve the disadvantages. It is suggested to put a piece of yellow cardboard at the bottom of the stove (available in stationery stores). This is the five element principle of earth fire venting. Vent the fire of the Five ghosts, and then place a string of ” One Feng Shui white jade gourd six emperors ancient money ” , Turning disease into disease is turning quarrel into evil spirit. It can effectively resolve the disadvantages, provide a strong and good gas field for the kitchen, and professionally suppress the disadvantages of the gas field, so the kitchen can also play the role of suppressing evil

in fact, the kitchen pays attention to a lot of Feng Shui matters, and many people have to pay attention to these Feng Shui. After all, the kitchen is the important place of Feng Shui in the home, which is related to the luck, and it is also the key factor that dominates the health of the family. Of course, we must be careful about the feng shui of the kitchen. Today, we know the feng shui of the kitchen and know how to avoid these problems when arranging the orientation of the kitchen in the future

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