Decoration color with Feng Shui

Color can affect a person’s psychological emotion. Psychologists have scientific research results in this regard. Color has a great impact on people’s daily life. It will make people feel excited, relaxed, angry and tired ” hellip” hellip;

generally speaking, red has strong and active characteristics; Green has a quiet and comfortable feeling; Yellow has the tendency to make people feel friendly, happy, rational and stable; Black is frustrating for some people, but others think it is wonderful and has an unfathomable feeling; White is a neutral color, which makes people feel pure and lovely; Pink is often irrational and so on

color will make people have different psychological reactions, so don’t ignore the choice of color in the planning and design of shops or office places

as for how to choose and mix colors, most of them depend on personal preferences. Everyone’s preference for color is related to their inherent potential attributes. Some people may not really know which color they like. Some people mistakenly think they like a certain color because of habit or pursuit of fashion. If you carefully observe and study, you can understand a person’s personality, hobbies and psychological state from his personal preference for color, which can be used as an important reference to know yourself and the other in business, and contribute to business negotiation or business development

according to the traditional five element theory, five elements are equipped with five color attributes. Since five elements include time and orientation, time and orientation also have five color attributes. In the season, the spring wood is green, the summer fire is red, the autumn gold is white, the winter water is black, and the four corner soil is yellow. In the north, it belongs to the water, and it belongs to the earth. In the west, it belongs to the golden yellow. In the north, it belongs to the water, and it belongs to the earth. In the west, it belongs to the red

as for the five elements of the Housing Bureau in the store, it is beneficial to choose the color of Shengwang to mix, and it is disadvantageous to avoid leakage. In other words, the selected color should be able to produce the best state of comfort, strengthening, harmony, dredging or stimulation to the individual spirit. The following are the favorable colors of each housing bureau:

relationship between store orientation and five elements table

towards Color
dry house (sitting from northwest to Southeast) white or yellow should be the main tone
Exchange House (sitting from west to East) white or yellow (light) should be the main tone
leaving house (sitting from south to North) light red and yellow should be the main tone
shock house (sitting from east to West) light blue system or green system should be the main tone
Xun house (sitting from southeast to northwest) green system or black system should be the main tone
Kan house (sitting from north to South) White system or light blue system Light green is the main tone
Gen house (sitting from the northeast to the southwest) light red or yellow should be the main tone
Kun house (sitting from the southwest to the northeast) red or yellow should be the main tone

the five element attribute of color

as we all know, most of everything in the world is visible and tangible, And everything that can be seen has all kinds of colors. The colors are classified into five lines: the colors of wood attribute are

cyan and green, the colors of fire attribute are red and purple, the colors of soil attribute are yellow, brown and coffee, the colors of metal attribute are white and gold, and the colors of water attribute are black and blue

after knowing the five elements of color, it can be applied to the adjustment planning of people’s industry and Feng Shui

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