Six auspicious and six evil at the gate of the Yangzhai

The gate is a very important air outlet in Feng Shui. Good and bad air flows should enter and leave the room from the gate. Feng Shui pays attention to hiding wind and gathering gas, which means that the feng shui of the gate will greatly affect the overall Feng Shui Effect of the home. Generally speaking, the Feng Shui of the gate should pay attention to six auspicious and six evil. So, what do you think when the gate is opened in the six auspicious and six vicious directions? Let’s give you a detailed introduction

six auspicious gates

1. It’s better to be wangmen

the door direction is Wangwei, and the incoming Qi is auspicious. In the current eighth Feng Shui games (2004-2023), Wangfang is the northeast of Zhengshen, the main cause and wealth, favoring wealth and officialdom; The second election is due to the south, which is the angry second auspicious side of the Eighth National Games. The main business and financial luck are rising steadily, benefiting Zhengcai and people in the performing arts; The final choice is due north, which is the auspicious side of the Eighth National Games. The main career is stable, which is conducive to the career development of young people and the happiness of marriage

2. Do not stick door-to-door with neighbors

in order to save space, many houses will stick the gate close to the neighbor’s gate, or adopt the door-to-door pattern. It is best to have a wall on the left and right sides of the gate, so that the air flow is not confused and does not collide with the neighbor’s door, so as to prevent the air field from being dispersed.

3. Direction of opening the door

the four directions of the house are: rosefinch, Xuanwu, Qinglong and white tiger. There are three main choices for the opening direction of general houses, namely: open the main door (Zhuque door), open the left door (Qinglong door) and open the right door (white tiger door). It is best to open the front door, so that the pattern of left-right balance is conducive to the balance of yin and Yang and the stability of the house. If you need to open the door in these two directions, you need the guidance of a professional Feng Shui teacher

4. The image of the gate is auspicious

the size of the gate should match the size of the house, not too large or too small. At the same time, the color of the gate should also match the overall environment

5. Open the door and see Caigui

when entering the door, you’d better see the living room, dining room and master bedroom, all of which belong to Caigui image. If you are a person who pursues life taste, you can also hang a fresh and elegant landscape painting or calligraphy and painting, which can not only ease the rush after entering the door, but also reflect your personal taste

6. Open the door to the light

the gate is between the aisle and the porch, which is also our first line of defense to enter the house. Therefore, the light at the front and back of the gate should be sufficient. If the porch is narrow and the daylighting is insufficient, lighting lamps can be installed on the ceiling to increase the light, which is conducive to improving the overall fortune of the house

door six murderers

1. Open the door to the stove

opening the door actually refers to the entrance. The stove is a place for cooking. If it is opposite to the door, that is, you can see the kitchen as soon as you open the door, it belongs to ” Leakage of Treasury ” ; The pattern is easy to cause families to lose money unexpectedly

2. Beam pressing door

the beam itself plays a load-bearing role in the house. However, if the beam is placed on the door, it will be suppressed as soon as it enters the door. This suppression will become a sense of oppression and even violate the beam brake. People entering and leaving under the beam pressing door must be affected by the beam pressing door, and the people in the main household cannot stand out

3. The front and rear doors are connected.

auspicious Qi comes in through the door and is best to get together after coming in. However, if the back door is open, it is called the “Hall” in Feng Shui, which means that it is difficult to gather wealth. Wealth comes and goes through the front door and out the back door. For the same reason, when the door is facing the rear window, it will also cause wealth to come and go, and family wealth is difficult to stay

4. The door is facing the stairs

the door is facing the stairs, which is unlucky. The main reason is that the stairs rush to the door, or the stairs will take away money under the door. This is a form of evil. If the evil spirit comes in from the stairs, it will decline the family’s fortune

5. The gate is damaged

the gate is like our faces. The gate cannot be damaged. For a long time, going in and out of this gate will reduce the fighting spirit and lack self-motivated, which will affect the development of the career, hinder the career and lead to the stagnation of the career. At the same time, the gate is the entrance, and the walkway outside the gate must be kept clean

6. The gate faces the walkway and corner

the walkway is also known as the corridor. The walkway is the channel for the flow of people and Qi. The Qi on Feng Shui should be slow and gather. Therefore, the walkway should not directly rush at the gate. The Qi coming and going straight is rapid, and it is difficult to gather wealth without gathering Qi. The walkway directly rushes at the gate, which is called chuanxinsha in Feng Shui. Wall corner refers to the iron gate or gate of the neighbor, or the wall forms an acute angle and directly inserts into the direction of its own gate, which will cause instability of the gas field and affect the overall momentum of the house

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