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In terms of Feng Shui, the so-called ” Benevolence and wisdom, ” Benevolent people enjoy mountains and wise people enjoy water” ; And under the study cloth ” The Bureau of benevolence and wisdom ” ; It’s like having backers behind and water in front. It can give people a sense of security and is not easy to be disturbed. It can enable scholars to communicate with others, get help from noble people, and make career positions rise step by step. Therefore, the study should become a bureau of benevolence and wisdom. So, under what circumstances should the study use screens and plants to block evil spirits

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(1) when the study seat is facing the bathroom, potted plants can be used to isolate foul gas. For example, some broad-leaved potted plants are placed between the seat and the bathroom, which can absorb the foul gas of the bathroom on the one hand; On the other hand, it can block bad magnetic fields

(2) when the study seat is facing the corridor, large broad-leaved potted plants can be used to block the evil spirit from the corridor

(3) when there are large electrical appliances in front or behind the seat, large broad-leaved potted plants can be used to block the middle

(4) when there is a trash can next to the seat, large green potted plants can also be used to block foul gas

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