What are the taboos about the shape of the gate

The gate is the image representative of the house. First, choose the shape. The gate most conducive to Feng Shui should be rectangular, because the rectangle has the meaning of integrity and can well stabilize house transportation. Some houses have two doors, which require the two doors to be balanced in size, symmetrical in shape, harmonious and beautiful in appearance, which is the image of family harmony

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some designers simply pursue the beauty of appearance and design the gate into a circular arch, which is very bad. Generally, we can see such gates in temples and Taoist temples, or some tombstones are also designed like this. This round arched Feng Shui belongs to the gate of gods and ghosts, not the gate of strangers. The design of this kind of door in Yangzhai has two major disadvantages:

first, it is harmful to health, because it is the gate of the spirit world, which is heavy with Yin Qi and easy to attract Yin Qi

Second: it is easy to lead to family fatigue. The arch will give people a depressing feeling, as if people’s waist and back are bent, symbolizing hard work and tiredness

in addition, the opening direction of the rolling shutter door is up and down, and the head should be bent down when opening and closing the door. Moreover, once it is opened, the opening of the door is too large. Once it is closed, it gives people the feeling of sealing and seamless. It is not suitable for being the door of a long-term home. If you have lived in the rolling shutter door, you’d better open a small door on the door to facilitate family access and ventilation

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