What’s particular about the floor at the entrance

The floor at the entrance is a very key link in the decoration of the entrance, which directly affects whether the Feng Shui function of the entrance can be well played. For the decoration of the porch floor, two problems need to be paid attention to:

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first, the floor at the porch must be flat, that is, when installing the floor, we must ensure that the floor remains flat horizontally without inclination. On the one hand, it is for the safety of people in and out; On the other hand, it is to keep the house transportation smooth

P “gt; if the floor is square, it is best to use the wood grain to the outside. If the water flows into the roof, it is better to use the wood grain to make the floor solid. If the water flows into the roof, it is better to use the wood grain to the outside

what color should the floor at the entrance choose? It is considered that the color on the floor is mainly considered from the perspective of Feng Shui. Because the porch belongs to the leading part in the whole house and plays a leading role, the foundation must be solid. Dark color symbolizes massiness, which means that the foundation of the house is stable and can be used with background and backer

however, since the porch is at the entrance position, the natural lighting is not so good, so it is not necessary to stick to the completely dark floor. Using a dark floor will dim the light, but it will destroy the feng shui of the porch

therefore, when selecting the porch floor, the floor with patterns can be used, that is, the interior of the floor can adopt patterns with a slightly lighter color. However, the frame of the floor must be dark, so as to comply with the way of Feng Shui, ensure a solid foundation and play the due Feng Shui role of the porch

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