What kind of plants are best placed in the bathroom

Placing some plants in the bathroom will also have a good feng shui effect. Because it absorbs the turbid gas in the bathroom and beautifies the environment of the bathroom. It is best to choose green potted plants for plants in the bathroom. Green plants have the strongest ability to absorb pollution, and ferns or flat bamboo orchids are the best choice. However, if the bathroom is spacious, you can also put some plants with strong ornamental and red flowers and green leaves

family bathrooms are generally connected with bathrooms, so plants with strong fragrance should not be placed in bathrooms, ” Prosperity ” ; Plants are not suitable. In addition, the plants placed in the toilet should not be moved to other parts of the room, because they absorb the foul gas in the toilet, which will affect the house transportation of the transfer point; And it’s best to get outside every other period of time to breathe, bask in the sun, spit out the old and accept the new

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