What kind of plants are best placed in the restaurant

The restaurant is a place for family to eat. Placing some plants can purify the restaurant! Qi, create a good atmosphere and increase your appetite

the plants placed in the restaurant should be highly ornamental flowers. Generally, yellow flowers such as yellow roses and daffodils, or bright flowers such as begonias and carnations are more suitable. It’s best not to put poinsettia, Lily and other fragrant plants in the restaurant. If the fragrance is too strong, it will affect people’s appetite

in addition, the plants in the restaurant should not be placed on the table. They should be at a certain distance from the table. It is best for the family to watch and smell the faint fragrance from a distance. The plants in the restaurant should preferably be small potted plants or small flower bottles, and pay attention to keeping the plants clean and hygienic

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