Why shouldn’t the bedroom door face the kitchen

The bedroom door facing the kitchen is a big taboo of Feng Shui in the bedroom. It’s best to avoid this situation when choosing a house. The kitchen will have three adverse effects on the bedroom

first of all, according to the theory of Yin Yang and five elements, the kitchen will rush to the bedroom. The kitchen is a place for cooking at home. The five elements belong to fire, and more cooking utensils belonging to gold are used. It is not conducive to the quiet environment in the bedroom, and the fire will not rush into the bedroom

secondly, the air in the kitchen is very bad, full of oil smoke. The bedroom should be a warm and elegant place for everyone to sleep. The bedroom door is opposite to the kitchen, and the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen rushes into the bedroom, completely disrupting the good atmosphere of the bedroom itself. Whether the bedroom door is closed or open, it will destroy the ventilation of the bedroom

thirdly, the noise and magnetic field generated during cooking in the kitchen will have a continuous impact on the bedroom, which makes it difficult to produce a good mood. For a long time, people in the room are easy to become nagging and irritable. In another case, it is not good for the bedroom to be next to the kitchen. In this case, it must be avoided that the bed in the bedroom is close to the kitchen stove. In this way, the people sleeping in the bed will have too much internal fire and their health will deteriorate, so we should pay special attention

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