How to design the porch floor

The porch is the channel for breath to flow in. No matter whether the porch is a wooden or brick wall, the color should not be too dark. If the color is too dark, it will appear dead, which is bound to make the flow of vitality blocked. If the color near the ceiling is light and the color near the floor is deep, it can better adjust and transition the color of the ceiling and floor, which is the best color combination of the porch

most of the entrances have dark light and narrow space, so it is best to choose light and bright colors. If the porch is spacious enough, you can also choose rich colors, such as yellow for love, orange for travel, and pink for interpersonal relationships. However, it is best to avoid piling up too many dazzling colors and patterns in the porch. After all, the space is limited, and simplicity should be preferred

it is forbidden to use red or black as the main color of the porch. If the color of the porch is too red or too black, people will be impulsive and extreme. As the main channel for family members to enter and leave the room, it is best not to use too much red or black

the floor of the porch should be flat. The flat floor can not only make the house smooth, but also avoid falling and wrestling. At the same time, the floor of the porch should be kept horizontal as far as possible, and there should be no distinction between high and low

the floor color of the porch should be deep. Dark color symbolizes massiness, and deep floor color symbolizes deep foundation, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. If it is required to be brighter, it can be wrapped around with dark stones, and the middle part adopts lighter stones. If you choose to lay carpets in the porch, the same principle should be adopted. Carpets with darker colors on four sides and lighter colors in the middle should be selected

the pattern of the porch floor should not have sharp corners to rush the door. There are many patterns on the porch floor, but we should choose the content that implies auspiciousness. We must avoid using those patterns with many sharp corners, and it is absolutely inappropriate for sharp corners to rush through the door, so as to avoid family unrest and reckless disaster

the wood grain on the porch floor should not rush directly to the door. The wooden floor of the porch, no matter what kind of wood, should be arranged so that the wood grain is inclined to the house. If the running water flows into the house obliquely, but the wood grain should not rush directly to the door. If it does, it will be bad luck

the floor of the porch should not be too smooth. In order to beautify the porch, some people often polish the floor of the porch very smoothly, which is very easy to self defeating. From the perspective of home safety alone, it is not ideal, because family members or guests are easy to slip and get injured

the underground drainage pipe should not cross between the gate and the porch, so as to avoid being polluted in the porch during the internal and external communication of wealth and water, resulting in poor health of the family and poor financial path

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