Feng shui rules of garbage can

Feng shui rules of garbage can

Feng shui exist anywhere, even garbage can also can influence the feng shui environment. So do not neglect this small garbage can. Today we will talk about the garbage can feng shui.

The feng shui rules about the rubbish can is do not expose the rubbish can, put it at the room where does not catch one’s eyes easily.

No spitting on the ground, no trampling on the lawn, no throwing rubbish randomly. This is modern society base civil rules. You always keep the room clean. But sometimes we neglect the important small can, the garbage can.

Where you place the garbage can also will influence the family’s heath and fortune. So it is most hard arrangement for garbage can in the room per feng shui principle. In order to get good feng shui environment, where we need to place the garbage can?

It would be better to hide the garbage can. Because the unseen objects are not evil spirits (煞气 Sha qi) per feng shui principle. So suggest you to place the garbage can where does not catch one’s eyes easily. Or you can purchase one fashion garbage can that does not look like garbage can.

There are some location names in feng shui which called tomb(墓 Mu), they are chen辰、xu戌、chou丑、mo未, those four locations also regard as storage. So those four places are good places to store the rubbish. So we can put the garbage can on those four locations. That will not cause trouble to us.

(Chen(辰) is 15 degrees east by southeast. Xu (戌) is 15 degrees northwest by west. Chou (丑)is 15 degrees northeast by north. Mo末is 15 degrees south by southwest)

 Notes: if we place a lot of rubbish at northwest of the room. That behalf of father do not has anything to do. It means that he will be fired. So do not place the garbage can at northwest of the room.

But how many garbage cans we shall have? Of course fewer cans are better. Smaller one is better. You shall throw the rubbish per day and clean the garbage cans. That also could help to keep clean and health environments.

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