Office room’s Feng shui rules and feng shui tips-Session 1

Feng shui rules and feng shui tips of your office room.

If you are the white collar or big boss in a company, you will spend most of the day in your office room. So besides your office desk, the location of your seat in the office is also very critical. Everyone hopes that everything is going well. But sometimes hopes do not come true. Is it related to the location of your seat? Meanwhile are there any other things you need to pay more attention. Now let us talk about the feng shui rules and feng shui tips in the office room.

  • Do not let the seat face to the door of the office directly, because the door of the office is the energy(Chi 气 QI) and air flow’ s entry. If you seat face to the door directly, the energy and air flow will blow to you directly. That will influence your mindset, and even your health. So you can place screen or some green plant to block the air flow and energy.
  • It would be better that there is one side wall or cabinet behind your seat. All the things that behind your seat shall be settled. Or else, if there is passage behind your seat, someone always walking through the passage, you have to spend some minds to something happened behind you. It will make your absence of mind and influence your work effectiveness. Even in long term will affect your health.
  • The distance between your seat and the wall front of your seat shall be long enough. The eyes is used to seeing and capturing the things which occurred in front of you. If your seat is close to the wall front of your seat. You will only see the wall, that will cause unsafe feeling and make you blind
  • Face to face seating. In that case, you will lose your Private space and it will make uncomfortable feeling. If you like talk each other that also will affect your work effectiveness. So you would better to place some green plants or some folder as the screen.
  • The seat cannot face to the door of washing room directly. As you know the washing room is full of bad fortune and bad smell with bacteria. So if you always seating around this kind environment, you will get illness and get bad fortune. But if you have to seat facing to the door of washing room, what you can do is install one screen or place one large green plant to block the bad fortune and smell and ensure the door of washing room closed.
  • Do not place the printer and other electronic device around of your seat. Those electronic device with strong magnetic. Keep safe distance or place some green plant. Notes: you would be better change the green plant regularly, or else it will become second contaminant.
  • Do not place the seat around the washing basin and tap. The water flow can convert the bad fortune; it also can bring the good fortune away.

Those 7 feng shui rules and feng shui tips about the office seat are part of office seat feng shui rules and tips. We will talk about other office feng shui tips and rules in next time. See you. Hope those 7 office feng shui rules and tips can help you to get good fortune.

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