Feng shui tips for Bedroom lighting

Feng shui Rules Bedroom lighting feng shui rules.

The lighting in the bedroom is very important. Suitable lighting can bring good luck, wealth and health to you and your family.

bedroom lighting feng shui1
bedroom lighting feng shui

The color of light per Feng shui rules

  1. The color of light per feng shui rules. The best choice is warm light with suitable white light. home furnishing shall be full of positive energy (Yang QI 阳气), so the main color of light shall be warm color light. Such as red, orange, yellow are warm colors. Green, cyan, blue and purple are cold colors. So warm color with suitable white light can make comfortable daily life;
  2. Do not use red color light. The red color will cause anxious to the people who live in the bedroom. So do not use red color light in your and your child’s bedroom;
  3. Yellow color light will bring wealth for you. Yellow color is earth (土TU) of five elements. Per five elements rules the earth create metal. So yellow color light means bringing wealth for you. That is why a lot of people installed yellow color light in bedroom.

The style of lighting:

  1. of course the style of lighting shall be suitable to the whole house design style. And if you chose good and suitable lighting will assist you. For example, the classical style is unadorned earthy with connotation. It can calm the house and assist the host’s business; the fashion lighting is modern also can help you. The crystal lighting is elegant. It can enhance the positive energy.

The quantity of lighting in bedroom

  1. The quantity you need depend on your bedroom’s size and Singular number is good choice for bedroom. Do not install 3 lightings parallel, it looks like 3 incenses with bad meaning. It would be better to avoid the number of “3”.

    lighting feng shui
    lighting feng shui

The location of lighting: we cannot place the lighting randomly, a lot of cases show that improper location of lighting will cause some trouble and pressure for daily life and influence the sleeping. So do not place lighting with strong light at the head of bed. Meanwhile do not install the droplight right above the bed; this will cause more pressure for people.

feng shui bedroom lighting
feng shui bedroom lighting

Now you can review and modify you current lighting arrangement per above feng shui lighting rules. Hope this can bring more heath and wealth to you and your family. Good luck.

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