What is the most taboo place for computers

From the perspective of Feng Shui, both laptops and desktop computers should not be placed in front of the window, which will not only affect Wenchang transportation, but also damage health
first of all, the computer is a fire object belonging to the five elements, and it is also a very sunny object. The windows of the study generally have good daylighting conditions and sufficient Yang, which will make the Yang near the computer too strong, causing users to be restless and reduce their study and work efficiency

secondly, the reflective effect of the computer screen is much better than that of the TV. In particular, the bright light shining on the computer in use will produce a strong reflective evil. The evil spirit will not only drive away Wenchang Yun, but also damage people’s vision and nervous system, resulting in mental fatigue and eye diseases. Although there are thick curtains that can dissolve the reflective ghost to a certain extent, the Yang gathered in the window is still not suitable for computers

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