Where will Wenchang be in 2020

As the saying goes ” Feng Shui turns ” , Due to the different changes of Feng Shui orientation in different periods of time, if you want to use Feng Shui to strengthen family luck, you’d better first understand the changes of Feng Shui orientation in the recent period of time. For example, if you want to improve the Chinese prosperity of your family and make your family work more smoothly and study easier, you need to know where Wenchang will be in 2020

  1. What is Wenchang position

the so-called Wenchang position is the position of fleeting Flying Star Chinese Chang star. Wenchang star will appear in different directions in different years, and Wenchang star affects the fortune of career, study, examination, progress and so on. Therefore, reasonable use of Wenchang position can effectively enhance family Chinese Chang Yun and improve family members’ learning and working ability

  2. How to use Wenchang position to improve Wenchang position there are many ways to use Wenchang position to improve Wenchang position, such as making the study position in Wenchang position, which will be of great help to strengthen Wenchang position in the study. And the study itself needs Wenchang transportation. After all, the function of the study is to work and study, so the more prosperous Wenchang transportation in the study will be of great help to the family’s learning ability and working ability. Of course, in addition to the study position, the door faces Wenchang position, or sits in Wenchang position during the exam, and is in Wenchang position in the company, which can make full use of Wenchang position to enhance their own Wenchang luck

3. Where is Wenchang in 2020

due to different changes in the position of Jiugong flying star in different years, Wenchang star will be in different directions in different years, while 2020 is the year of gengzi in the lunar calendar. It is introduced in the introduction to Feng Shui. In the year of gengzi, the position of Wenchang star is southwest. Therefore, in 2020, Wenchang is located in the southwest. If you want to enhance the Wenchang transportation of yourself and your family, it is particularly important in the southwest in 2020. In addition to the above methods to improve Wenchang transportation, you should also pay attention to some relevant Feng Shui taboos, such as heavy objects on Wenchang, toilets in Wenchang, etc., which will have some negative effects on Wenchang transportation

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