What is the Feng Shui stress of the residential gate

   The gate is the most important symbol to separate the internal and external space. The external part of the gate can show the concept of family and the attitude and view of the outside world. At the same time, in Feng Shui, the gate is also the gateway for the residence to breathe out and accept gas, which is related to the fleeting journey of the whole family. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the overall grasp of Feng Shui. The door direction, opening method, size, color and pattern of the gate are exquisite

  1. The door direction of the residential gate

the sitting direction of the gate is determined by the direction of the gate. When we stand in the house and face the gate, the orientation we face is ” To ” , And with ” To ” ; The relative orientation is ” Sit ”

the earthquake house sits in the East, and the gate should face west

Xun house sits in the southeast, and the gate should face northwest

sit south from the house and the gate should be north

Kun house sits in the southwest, and the gate should face northeast

sit in the West and the gate should face east

the dry house sits in the northwest, and the gate should face southeast

kanzhai sits in the north, and the gate should be south

Gen house sits in the northeast, and the gate should face southwest

if the fortune teller is different from the house divination, for example, the owner of the East Fourth life lives in the west fourth house, you can change the door to transfer. The way to change the door position is to add a screen in the door. The screen is of great importance in home. In ancient times, it was widely used. There must be no screen in all halls and rooms. The screen mainly has three functions: changing the door position, separating space and protecting privacy. Because the screen covers a small area and is easy to move flexibly, it is the preferred tool to resolve the external evil and plays an important role in resolving the external evil. For example, if the door is facing the corridor and the evil spirit goes straight in, it is bad feng shui. Then add a screen behind the door to dissolve it. If the door of the house is facing the main road, annular trees and flowers can be planted to mellow the external force

  2. The door opening method of residential gate

now in many places, the gate is designed to be push-pull for convenience. And the door of the house where you live is ” Launch ” ; Better or ” Pull in ” ; Why not

in Japan, due to frequent earthquakes, considering that when people encounter danger, the natural response to seeing the door is to push outward, most of the doors designed by the Japanese are pushed outward. In Feng Shui, the function of the door is to bring the outside air into the house to achieve the purpose of Attracting Wealth and blessing. Therefore, the door should be pushed inward rather than pulled outward

pushing the door inward is also a more intimate design, because if you push the door inward when you come out of the house or room, you won’t accidentally hit the person passing the door. When the door is pushed inward, there will be a sense of belonging to be accepted when standing outside the door, and people will like to go home. Family cohesion will be strengthened and everything will be smooth

  3. The size of the residential gate should be appropriate

in home feng shui, the size of the gate has its symbolic significance and can not be ignored. The gate cannot be opened too high. If the door is too high, the family will habitually look up when going in and out. There are psychological hints of admiring vanity and liking to be flattered, and they will have high eyes and low hands when dealing with things themselves. The lintel of some gates is too high and even exceeds the ceiling. This pattern will lead to an increasingly sparse population in the family

the gate cannot be opened too low. If the lintel is too low, you must bend down and bow your head in and out. After a long time, people’s eyes are used to looking down. When they encounter strong things, they are more likely to choose to bow down and give way. They become short-sighted, cowardly and inferior. Because they don’t think long enough, they will be bullied by others all their life

the gate is small and can be opened too wide. If the gate is opened too wide, it cannot hide wind and gather gas. Not only can’t keep money, but also people will be separated and weak. In addition, if the door is too wide, the elderly at home will feel hard

the gate cannot be opened too narrow. If the gate is opened too narrow, it will be uncomfortable and oppressive. Looking from the inside out of the door, the sight narrows and the mind narrows easily. It can’t accommodate the appropriate door width of others. At least it can accommodate the height and width of two people passing through the door frame. If the number measured with a document ruler is black, it doesn’t conform to the way of Feng Shui. If you want to resolve it, you can raise the threshold to meet the size of the scarlet letter. If the width is black, it is best to change the door. If the door cannot be changed, it is suggested to place a group of five emperors’ money on the threshold to resolve it

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