Why shouldn’t the floor at home be inconsistent

The floor belongs to a residential ” in Feng Shui; Land ” , As important as the ceiling, the decoration of the floor occupies a very important position in home feng shui. The decoration styles of modern houses are diverse. When some rooms are decorated, the floor height is different. For example, the floor of the living room is higher than that of the bathroom, or the floor of the bedroom is higher than that of the living room, or a convex floor is designed somewhere in the living room to put a small tea table as a special decoration

although this kind of decoration is novel, it is not very favorable in Feng Shui. This is because the floor taboo uneven, the floor is constantly trampled in the family, must be flat and down-to-earth, in order to ensure the safety of the floor. At the same time, select exquisite materials and exquisite decoration, so as not to deform the floor and produce uneven conditions, but also show the taste and dignity of the homeowner

the floor higher than one floor makes people who walk to and from feel hard, which is not conducive to the rest of their families. Moreover, the uneven floor will also lead to ups and downs in family transportation, hard work and hard work. Families with the elderly and children are also easy to slide to the point that it is not conducive to safety. Therefore, the floor of the whole house, except the kitchen and bathroom, can be lower than the floor of other rooms because of the need for sewage discharge. The floor of other rooms should be consistent in height to ensure flatness and compactness, which is conducive to the smooth transportation of the family

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