Feng Shui placed in home mirror

Mirrors can reflect light. In the past decade or two, under the influence of the commercialization of Feng Shui in China, mirrors have become hundreds of times more valuable and become very popular ” Feng Shui dissolves items ” ;. In fact, this is an incorrect concept. The mirror has two main functions in the house:

first, it is used by homeowners and guests to see their own image, that is, to check whether their hair is messy and whether their clothes fit

Second, another function is to expand the indoor space. If a large floor mirror is installed on one side of the wall, the small living room will become a large living room visually

the mirror that can really be used to dissolve is not what ordinary plane mirrors can do. The mirror used to dissolve must be concave mirror or convex mirror. Concave mirror can enlarge the image of the object opposite it, which is used to make some small ones; A convex mirror reduces the shape of an object Make some large ones with tables. The most important point is that if the mirror is hung in the wrong position, it will bring you bad feng shui

mirrors cannot be hung directly against doors, windows and beds indoors, let alone on the living room and the ceiling of the room. These are the three main taboos when hanging mirrors. At the same time, it should be noted that the five elements of the mirror belong to gold and should not be hung in the due east direction

can the mirror look out of the gate? This is mainly determined by the beauty and ugliness of the scenery outside the door. If the scenery outside the door is very beautiful, the good scenery outside the door can be absorbed indoors when the mirror is facing the door outside; If the landscape outside the door is ugly, it will backfire

on this issue, many people may not understand the truth. Hanging a mirror at the gate was originally intended to make the door outside, but it turned into a wolf into the house. Generally speaking, the taboo of mirror hanging is to shine on the place where people sit and lie. In particular, let the mirror face your bed. When you sleep, it will reflect the way you sleep. This is a very dangerous layout. If you can’t move it away, you must block it with a cloth

because even from the common sense of daily life, when a person sleeps vaguely, suddenly wakes up and sees a shadow shaking next to him, he will be startled

generally speaking, not directly looking at people is the most important taboo of mirror hanging. In fact, the mirror also has a certain blocking function, but you should face it out of the window or outside the door

for example, there is just a reflective source outside the window and not far from the door to reflect the light in; Or the corner of the opposite house is just opposite your house; Or the building you live in is right at the tangent of the road arc, which will hurt you. Therefore, you can hang a small mirror at the door and window, which can bounce back the damage

here are the five feng shui taboos we specially summarized for you about mirror hanging, hoping to help you better hang the mirror in your home:

first, mirror the door

never hang the mirror directly in front of the door, which means blocking the God of wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, it will lead to bad business

II. mirror bed

when people sleep, they are the most relaxed and unsuspecting. Therefore, if they wake up in the middle of the night and are frightened by themselves in the mirror, they will hurt the yuan God. In addition, looking at the bed in the mirror is also easy to cause couples to turn over because of some small things

Third, don’t embed the mirror in the ceiling

embedding the mirror in the ceiling will usually cause a situation of gas consumption, money consumption and health consumption for the people below, so Hotels with more mirrors should go less. There is a doggerel that says: the mirror is down, fighting all day; When the mirror is up, the family is not prosperous

IV. looking at the desk in the mirror

the mirror is easy to distract people reading in the study and affect the learning efficiency of hard-working people

v. gossip mirror hanging on the door

if you hang the gossip mirror above the outside of the door, it will make the neighbor opposite think you have reflected the bad degree field to his home. In addition, when buying and selling houses in the future, the buyer will think that your feng shui is not good, which increases the difficulty of selling houses

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