How to set up a home porch

In the traditional geomantic omen, the porch is the only way to enter the living room from the outside and a buffer zone to enter the living room. It can make the entrant calm down, and it is also a necessary way to lead the air into the room. In addition to the Feng Shui function of preventing leakage and concealment, the porch of the living room also beautifies the home decoration Therefore, its setting can directly affect the good and bad luck of house Feng Shui

if the porch setting in the home is unreasonable, it will be a great damage to the feng shui of the living room. If there is a beautifully designed home porch, it can not only make people feel bright in front of them as soon as they enter the door, boost their spirit, but also make the living room glow and full of vitality

the area of houses in modern cities is generally small, so the area of porches should not be too large. If the area of the porch is set too large, other spaces in the house will obviously feel cramped and difficult to move. Therefore, a compromise is to use the glass screen as the interval, and use the frosted glass material that is semi transparent and semi covered, which can not only play a role of interval in space, but also borrow the visual effect of space extension brought by the special material that is semi transparent and semi covered. This can not only effectively prevent external air from rushing into the living room from the gate, but also make the narrow entrance not too narrow. When setting the home porch, we should pay attention to the following four basic principles:

first, avoid discomfort in height

the interval of the porch should not be too high or too low, and should be moderate. Generally, the height of two meters is the most suitable; If the distance between the living room porch is too high, there will be a sense of oppression in it

generally speaking, the larger the beams and columns in the house, the more difficult it is to deal with. Therefore, when people choose to buy a house, they must see clearly in advance whether there are large and many beams and columns in the house that are not easy to decorate. If this happens, they should reluctantly give up their love and make new choices elsewhere. After all, there are still many buildings now. You can have a look more and find one you are satisfied with

there are two main types of beams and columns in the living room. The column connected with the wall is called wall column, which is a common problem in people’s home environment and can not be avoided; The other is the isolated column, which is called the independent column. Because people pay more and more attention to the view of Feng Shui, many designers try to avoid designing this kind of independent column in architectural design, so the independent column has been rarely seen in modern houses

the wall column connected to the wall can be well concealed by furnishing bookcases, wine cabinets, display cabinets and other methods, which is integrated with other parts of the living room. This not only saves space and conforms to the feng shui of the house, but also has the effect of practicality and decoration. It can really kill two birds with one stone

but for some independent columns in the large living room, it is more difficult to deal with them. On the one hand, the existence of the independent column hinders people’s vision, on the other hand, it occupies everyone’s limited activity space. Therefore, it is necessary to broaden people’s vision through ingenious design. The perfect design can not only make effective use of the indoor space, but also avoid the adverse effects of Feng Shui and turn corruption into magic

in order to save more space, some people usually make use of all the space and like to place sofas between beams and columns. They think this arrangement is very reasonable. In fact, these practices are wrong from the perspective of Feng Shui. The reason is that there are mostly beams on the upper surface of the columns. If they sit close to the columns, there is a risk that the beams will press the top

we can choose to place cabinets between beams and columns. Although this is also a layout with beams pressing the top, it is the cabinet rather than people, so it will not have much psychological impact on people. For the independent column, you can choose the following two ways to deal with it:

first, it can be directly used as the separation line

the particularly conspicuous column position can be directly used as the separation line of the living room. If the independent column in the living room is very conspicuous, we can take it as a dividing line and design the whole living room into two parts. One side is set as the living room and the other as the dining room; Another way is to make one side of the independent column into a step to make the whole living room high and low. In this way, it seems that the original setting takes the independent column as a dividing line between high and low levels, which will be much more natural in appearance

2. Directly make a decorative frame

make a decorative column with flowers or make it a decorative frame. If it is a living room with independent columns, most of them are wide and bright, so that some tall ornaments can be used to decorate the independent columns; The four sides of the independent column can also be designed into a display rack for small items with plates. Some ornamental antiques and wine utensils can be placed on the rack, and some plants that are easy to grow indoors can also be placed. This can be determined according to the preferences of the homeowner

such a setting is not only beautiful but also not cumbersome, but also can achieve the effect of three-dimensional greening in the living room. If the column position of the independent column is too large and has blocked part of the sunlight, lighting should be installed on the column wall and used as auxiliary lighting, which can not only solve the problem of uneven light in the living room, but also make the interior beautiful

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