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I believe that everyone has a dream when they are young, including the dream that continues when they grow up, that is, to have their own house. It takes a lot of attention to decorate the house. First, it is always safe to live in the house they like. The decoration style inside is according to their own wishes, Mediterranean style, European style, American style and so on. When decorating, don’t forget some taboos of decorating Feng Shui. Fstips brings readers a detailed description of the complete collection of decoration Feng Shui

detailed description of decoration Feng Shui

which decoration Feng Shui and style are the best

1 Luxury style

this style began in the 1980s and early 1990s. From a design perspective, interior decoration is usually a special form used by homeowners to show off their identity. Moreover, homeowners often require various symbolic luxury designs to be embedded in decoration, such as fireplace, painted glass ceiling, decorative panel, decorative wood corner line, etc

  2. In recent years, both traditional and modern decoration styles are integrated, and they tend to be integrated with modern decoration styles

  3. Mediterranean style

aesthetically speaking, Mediterranean style has unique aesthetic characteristics. Usually, designers will choose natural soft colors, and pay attention to spatial collocation in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, and integrate decoration and application, so as to appear generous and natural, emitting ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste

  4. Simple style

homeowners began to pursue a clean and bright indoor effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for many first-time home buyers

  5. Urban style

with the rapid development of society, the progress of housing reform and the emergence of many young first-time home buyers, it has injected impetus into the emergence of this style. However, limited by financial resources, young homeowners began to emphasize that they had ” Decoration ” ; A typical example is the extensive use of bright colors

  6. American style

American style mainly has the functions of simplicity, leisure, organization and practicality, which will make the family a pure land to release pressure and liberate the soul

  7. Elegant style

this style originated at the beginning of this century and is basically based on the woodworking practice of taking wallpaper as the main decorative surface material and mixing oil. Thus, the whole style can appear very elegant and quiet without a trace of impetuosity

  8. Natural style

in recent years, with the continuous development of decoration boom, it has brought people a lot of decoration ideas. Previously, decorative techniques such as small garden, cultural stone decorative wall and rain flower stone, which were unimaginable, have appeared in the real design. Therefore, getting close to nature and returning to nature has become one of the goals pursued by homeowners

What’s the stress of Feng Shui in decoration

I. Feng Shui at the gate

the feng shui of a house largely depends on the orientation and orientation of the gate, because it is the general entrance and exit of the whole family, the main channel for the whole family to connect the external space, such as the throat of people, and the first barrier for the whole family to pursue good luck and avoid bad luck. The feng shui of the gate directly affects the official career, academic and financial fortune of the whole family. With the development of society, people’s Feng Shui consciousness is becoming weaker and weaker. Especially now, the door of modern home is set and fixed by developers according to practical functions. Generally, it can’t be changed according to the ancient law or their own wishes. Obviously, Feng Shui can only be deployed in the spirit of letting nature take its course, and the point of view of Feng Shui can be used in decoration design to turn harm into benefit, so as to achieve the purpose of seeking good and avoiding evil

Feng Shui advocates that you should see three things when you get started:

1. When you open the door, you see red, which means you can see the red screen, totem or screen wall as soon as you open the door. Because in China, red represents celebration, it gives people a feeling of jubilation and warmth like spring

2. Green when you open the door means that you can see red flowers and green leaves as soon as you enter the door. Science has proved that green vision is the largest and can make the whole space full of vitality, so it can give people a feeling of vibrant business, instantly relieve emotions and relieve stress

3. Open the door ” Blessing, It means that you can see elegant ” as soon as you enter the house; Blessing ” ; Word, open to blessing, does not refer to a specific ” Blessing ” ; Word, a pleasing picture or handicraft of white clouds, blue sky, streams and running water can also be used, because it mainly reflects the cultural taste of the owner of the house and regulates the tense and tired mood. There is also the taboo of “five see’s” at the beginning. First, it’s taboo to open the door to the stove. In terms of Feng Shui, it’s called burning the Tianmen gate. According to the instructions of Yangzhai: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money ” , The fire is so hot that wealth cannot enter. Second, do not open the door to the toilet, because the toilet is a dirty place. If it is filthy, it will be harmful to the health of the family. The reason is very simple. If people live in a filthy environment, they will certainly improve their chances of suffering from diseases. Three taboos: open the door to the mirror, because the mirror has the functions of gathering light, transforming evil spirits and avoiding evil spirits. If you reflect your auspicious Qi for a long time, it will lead to evil in the upper body, which will be detrimental to official career, wealth and study. Four taboos: the crossbeam presses the door, which means that once you enter the house, you see the crossbeam pressing, then the main family can’t stand out. Looking at people’s eyes and opening the door to the crossbeam all your life will bring you a depressed mood. If people are depressed, the gas of decay is often disturbed, which can be negative, do not want to make progress, hurt hands and feet, and even have the tendency of suicide. Five taboos to enter the ghost gate means that the gate is made into an arch like a tombstone, which is similar to a Yin House, which will bring misfortune to the family. The design of the gate of a house is related to the luck of the family. The so-called cold gate and expensive gate are obvious here

2. Aisle and staircase Feng Shui (referring to compound or villa Feng Shui)

aisle and staircase are the places where families walk, and also carry the aura of the whole family. In Feng Shui, all dynamic places are closely related to wealth and fortune

1. The design of aisle should not be too long. More than 2 / 3 of the length of the whole house will produce negative magnetism. If the position is not good, it will often be haunted, the elderly and children are ill, and the owner’s wealth is poor

2. The color of the corridor should be simple and bright, and there should not be a beam above, which will cause rheumatism or headache in the family

3. Chandeliers, sharp corners and prismatic designs should not be hung above the corridor, and colorful lights should not be used, which will cause emotional anxiety to the family and serious damage to heart function. (4) It’s too scary for the family to be scared all day

the stairs and the gate are both exterior and interior, which are also dynamic gas fields. They undertake the gas field circulation of the living room space. They should not be set on the central axis of the living room, but in the direction of dangwang as far as possible. They should be consistent with the operation law of the spiral gas field of the universe (i.e. clockwise). It is not suitable to see the ladder at the entrance, which means to retreat. The stairs should not be against the door. In serious cases, they will suffer from the disaster of blood light and disability of hands and feet. The design cannot set traps

Feng Shui Tips for decoration

1. The living room should be located in the center of the house. The number of sofa sets in the living room cannot be repeated. It is most forbidden to use one and a half sets, or the combination of two groups of sofas with one side and one circle. There are fish pots in the living room; Air connection ” ; The function of makes the room more vibrant, and the colorful singular is better for fish species. In the beam column hall, the obstruction of the beam shall be avoided, and the structure can be decorated into various beautiful shapes. The door and back door of the room should not be seen at the entrance, otherwise there will be ” In front and out back, you can’t gather money ” ; Suffering from; The walkway shall also avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

2. If your house door is to the north and the stove is to the south, you have violated the taboo of carrying the house in the opposite direction, which is unfavorable to family luck. The stove in the kitchen should not be too close to the water, and a buffer zone should be left between the stove and the sink. Don’t hang clothes on the stove. At least one side of the kitchen should face the open space (such as balcony, patio, backyard, etc.), and it should not be closed or in the middle of the room. The kitchen must not be located between the two bedrooms. Committing this taboo is unfavorable to the people living in the bedrooms on both sides. Don’t put a washing machine in the kitchen. The ancients believed that the kitchen was the place of the kitchen king, which was very sacred. Washing unclean clothes in the kitchen would affect luck

3. The layout of the kitchen and dining room should be simple and clean, and must not be messy or too many decorations. The restaurant should not be located in the kitchen. Because the oil fume and heat in the kitchen are humid, people can’t eat happily when sitting in it; The kitchen floor should be flat and should not be higher than a room in the house. The dining table should not face the door. If it is really unavoidable, the screen can be used. Restaurant orientation the restaurant itself is best located in the south. In this way, under sufficient sunshine, the family road will flourish day by day. If the refrigerator is set in the restaurant, the best orientation is north, not south

4. The bathroom of the toilet focuses on the incoming and outgoing water. The water vapor is very heavy. If it is opened in the southwest or northeast, there will be ” Soil conquers water ” ; It is unlucky because of the occurrence of problems, especially the health of family members will be damaged. The toilet should not be opened in the south. The toilet is considered to be a relatively unclean and private place, so it should not pay too much attention. The toilet should not be changed to a bedroom. The toilet should be ventilated

Feng Shui decoration

first, opening the door from the left is auspicious

the so-called left Green Dragon and right white tiger. The green dragon should move on the left and the white tiger should be quiet on the right. Therefore, all doors should be auspicious from the left, that is, people should open from the inside to the outside and the door handle should be set on the left. If the door is opened upside down, it is easy to lead to family disputes

II. The entrance and living room should be equipped with a porch

Feng Shui Tips ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ”

a porch or low cabinet shelter is set up between the gate and the living room to cushion the inside and outside, gather in the living room after regulating qi, and hide the interior of the house, which is not easy to peep outside. The interior of the house is hidden and deep, symbolizing the continuity of happiness

III. The living room should be located in the front of the house

after entering the gate, you should first see the living room, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located behind the house. The use and configuration of space are reversed, and the living room is wrongly set in the rear, which will lead to the pattern of returning money, which is easy to make the money go downhill

IV. the prosperous place is at the diagonal corner of the gate

the prosperous place is usually in the living room. Its main conditions are quiet and stable. It can not be the moving line of the channel. Generally speaking, the prosperous place is at the diagonal corner of the entrance to the living room. Since the prosperous position mostly appears at the diagonal of the gate, it is not suitable to hang the mirror, because the mirror has the effect of reflection, which is easy to hinder the fortune of the family; Make money difficult and opportunities

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