How should the objects on the window be placed

The window is an important channel between the outside and the interior. It is the entrance of light and wind. It plays a very important role in Feng Shui. The pendant on the window and the decoration on the windowsill cannot be hung or placed at will, but should comply with certain Feng Shui principles.

the Feng Shui pendant suitable for hanging on the window is decorated with natural gourd. For example, the natural gourd can be hung on the window of the study or master bedroom. The gourd is homophonic ” Protect salary ” ” Ferro ” , It has the functions of improving physical health, enhancing the relationship between husband and wife, praying for wealth and so on.

for example, during the Spring Festival, you can hang a Chinese knot on the window. The Chinese knot is exquisite, beautiful and ” Knot ” ; And ” Ji ” ; Homophony, which has the meaning of combination, friendship, affinity, result and eternal unity, is a good feng shui ornament.

in addition, if it is not necessary, do not put any items on the windowsill, especially some small sundries. This is because the window is often opened and closed, and it is in the air outlet, which will blow or touch the things on the windowsill, and the sundries placed on the windowsill will hinder the view.

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