How to transform the balcony into a living room

After some people buy a house, in order to expand the practical area in the house, they usually work hard on the balcony, reconstruct the balcony, and then move the living room outward to make the balcony completely become a part of the living room. In this way, the living room will become more spacious and bright than before. There is nothing wrong with this, but in the reconstruction, we must pay attention to ensure the structural safety of the building and comply with the way of Feng Shui

I. beams cover

general building structures. There will be a beam between the balcony and the living room. There is nothing wrong with this beam when it is between the living room and the balcony. It is a very reasonable structure. However, after the expansion and reconstruction, when the balcony and the living room are integrated, this beam will hinder the view, damage the feng shui of the house and be suspected of pressing the top of the beam

therefore, it must be handled properly to make it beautiful and not oppressive, but also in line with home feng shui. In fact, the best and simplest solution is to make a false ceiling, fill it with this false ceiling and cover it skillfully

in order to enhance the effect of decoration, spotlights or light tubes can also be placed on the ceiling of the balcony to make it retreat from the shadow of light, so that people’s eyes are attracted by the light, so they can’t see clearly and show a hazy beauty

II. exterior wall treatment

after the balcony is transformed into a living room, its exterior wall should not be too low. Some friends like to use floor glass as the exterior wall of the living room. They think that in this way, when standing in the living room to watch the exterior scene, there will be no obstruction and present a better vision. However, he may not realize that this situation is the same as the hollowing out of the balcony, which violates the ” Subknee void ” ; Taboo

if the balcony is originally made of floor glass and it is difficult to change it, the most effective remedy is to place a low wall cabinet in front of the floor glass as a substitute for this low wall. If the low cabinet is too short, some plants can be placed on both sides to fill the lack of space. This layout looks beautiful, environmental friendly and in line with the way of Feng Shui

III. bearing principle

because the balcony generally protrudes outside the house, its bearing capacity is very limited. Therefore, when transforming it into a living room, we must carefully calculate it in advance and follow certain load-bearing principles. Otherwise, it not only threatens the structural safety of the building and brings danger to people, but also is not conducive to the feng shui of the balcony, resulting in the original relaxed and comfortable balcony, which destroys its original gas field because it carries too much weight

don’t use too heavy decoration materials when reconstructing the living room and balcony

for example, some people like to use marble to pave the floor of the living room, which is indisputable, but if the balcony is also paved with heavy marble, I’m afraid the balcony can’t bear it

in addition, don’t put too many heavy objects on the original balcony, and don’t put heavy objects such as large cabinets, sofas and rockeries in the living room on the balcony, because these tall and heavy objects will overload the balcony, resulting in certain risks. In fact, after the expansion of the balcony, it is most appropriate to place some lighter items there, which will not affect the safety of the house structure and maintain the original feeling of emptiness and smoothness

in a word, transforming the balcony into a living room is definitely not an overnight thing. Careful planning must be carried out in advance, and then careful design must be carried out to make it conform to the way of Feng Shui and the principle of building safety. Often that kind of transparent balcony with wide vision is both beautiful and in line with the way of Feng Shui

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