Feng Shui Kitchen and toilet are well located

In geomantic omen, the geomantic omen of kitchen and toilet has a lot of attention. For our good home geomantic omen, in order to ensure the fortune and health of us and our family, we must pay attention to the location of kitchen and toilet. Only in this way can we form good geomantic omen, reflect good fortune, and make our home geomantic omen better, So what are the locations of Feng Shui kitchens and toilets? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. kitchen location Feng Shui

kitchen matters sit in the kitchen. It is auspicious to sit in the fierce direction, East and south. The kitchen is an area with more water. It is an unfavorable room in Feng Shui, but it also has the function of suppressing the evil spirit of the fierce side. Placing the kitchen in an insignificant or dangerous place is beneficial to the residents. The kitchen is located in the east or south, which is more auspicious for family life

the kitchen should not be located in the absolute life position. The kitchen should not be located in the absolute life position. The advantage of the kitchen in the absolute life position is that the women in the house are not good for the family. If the kitchen is in the absolute life position, the children in the family will often get sick

the kitchen should not be located in the peach blossom position at home. If the kitchen is located in the peach blossom position at home, the health of people at home will be relatively poor, especially not conducive to the health of men at home. Because in the five elements, the kitchen belongs to fire, the peach blossom belongs to water, and water and fire are incompatible

it’s unlucky to connect the kitchen and toilet. In modern houses, in order to facilitate the design and save space, many families will connect the kitchen and toilet together. When entering and leaving the toilet, they first pass through the kitchen and then go to the toilet. This is unlucky in Feng Shui, which will lead to many physical diseases of the family

II. Location of toilet Feng Shui

place it in a hidden position and don’t face the door. This is also the precautions mentioned in Feng Shui of toilet orientation, because facing the door will damage the good luck of the whole house

if it is in the bedroom, it is necessary to do a good job in the exhaust effect in the toilet and place some plants like Chlorophytum that like shade and can absorb foul gas

if the position of the toilet is wrong before decoration, we can make some changes to change its functionality. If Feng Shui is not good after decoration, we should solve it according to the solution method in Feng Shui in the toilet orientation. It can be solved through the setting of items in the toilet and the decoration of the door. Or the transformation of other residential areas, which can bring the role of evil spirit

in the geomantic omen of toilet orientation, it is said that the toilet should not be placed in the auspicious position, because the toilet is a place for sewage discharge. Placing it in the auspicious position will destroy the good geomantic omen in the room, but placing it in the vicious position can turn evil spirits

III. location of toilet and kitchen Feng Shui

the kitchen is mainly a place for cooking, so fire is often used. In Feng Shui, it is also a place full of dry fire. However, there is more water in the bathroom, and the energy of water is sufficient, so the gas of Yin erosion is heavier. These two rooms are adjacent, which is equivalent to the confrontation between the energy body to Yang and the energy body to Yin

in the Feng Shui problem of kitchen and toilet decoration, if the kitchen door is opposite to the toilet door, it will lead to the direct conflict between water and fire. From the perspective of yin and Yang, water and fire represent the male and female masters of the family. Such a war between water and fire will only lead to the breakdown of the relationship between husband and wife

from the perspective of hygiene, there is too much dirt in the bathroom, many germs can be transmitted to the kitchen through the air, and the food will be polluted, seriously affecting the health of the family

this arrangement is unreasonable in Feng Shui, because the kitchen belongs to fire, the toilet belongs to water, and water and fire are not allowed, so it is inappropriate for water and fire to be adjacent to or collide with each other. If the kitchen is close to or directly opposite to the toilet, it is easy to have problems in hygiene, because the filth of the toilet is often difficult to be completely removed, so it is easy to breed bacteria in the kitchen and pollute food over time, It is easy to have a bad impact on the health of people in the house

the color of kitchen and toilet can be selected according to the owner’s preference and aversion. For example, if the owner is ” Yin life and fire meet each other ” , Then the more favorable colors for them are green, blue, red, purple, etc. Therefore, when choosing colors, you might as well refer to these colors

after reading the above articles, do you know more about Feng Shui about the location of kitchen and toilet? Once upon a time, many people thought that as long as they paid attention to Feng Shui in the living room, they didn’t realize that every corner of the home needed to pay attention to Feng Shui, and the location of the toilet and kitchen had to pay attention to relevant Feng Shui

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