Where is the financial position in the living room

The southeast of the living room represents the wealth of the family. The items in this position are reasonably placed, which is conducive to increasing the family’s economic income. It is considered to be the wealth of the living room. In fact, representing wealth is not equal to wealth. The wealth of the living room has a great relationship with the opening direction of the door

the wealth position in the living room represents not only wealth, but also health, career and reputation. It refers to the place with the best Feng Shui in the living room. Feng Shui believes that the corner in the living room diagonally opposite the residential door is the wealth position. The gate is opened on the left or right, and the position of wealth is easy to confirm, which is the position of the diagonal of the gate

but if the door is open in the middle, how to confirm the wealth position? Very simple, the left and right diagonal directions are the wealth positions of the living room. If you put your money in the living room, you will know where your money is stable

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