Where should children’s beds not be placed

When placing the children’s bed, there are the following taboos:

(1) the bed cannot be set under the beam, otherwise it will form a bad spirit and collide with the child; Nor can it be set on the balcony, otherwise there will be a feeling of unstable foundation, such as on a cliff; Do not face the window where the sun is strong, otherwise your vision will be damaged; It shall not be set in the opposite place of kitchen, stove and toilet, otherwise it will be collided by oil smoke and filthy gas; Don’t rush the door directly or left and right, otherwise you will be easily frightened

(2) do not put a tape recorder at the head of the bed, otherwise it will be disturbed by the magnetic field and cause neurasthenia; The right side of the bed and at the head of the bed shall not have a motor or other high-power machine running, otherwise it will seriously affect children’s sleep and cause neurasthenia. At the same time, it will form a sound brake on Feng Shui, affect children’s normal thinking, make them show hyperactivity, irritability and other emotions, and also affect the family’s luck, making it easy for families to entangle repeatedly because of some irrelevant things and waste energy

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