Is the sofa in line with the gate

The sofa is in a straight line with the door, which means that the sofa is upright and facing the door. This situation forms an opposite pattern in Feng Shui, which will lead to the decline of people in the house, the loss of money, the indifference of relations among family members and constant quarrels. It is a bad feng shui

the solution is to move the sofa away from the front door. If it cannot be moved due to the area and layout of the living room, you can also put a screen or a pot of golden Pueraria between the sofa and the front door, which can effectively resolve this evil spirit

but generally speaking, the sofa is not very good within the range of the door, because the door is often opened and closed in and out, which will affect the rest and entertainment of people in the living room and is not conducive to the privacy of the family. Therefore, if possible, it is best to move the sofa out of the sight of the door, or reasonably arrange the functional area of the living room

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