Decoration how to see the house Feng Shui, you know

Decorating a house depends on Feng Shui. We can’t ignore the importance of Feng Shui at all. After all, for us, Feng Shui of living environment and home have a great relationship with our own fortune, so people don’t dare to neglect Feng Shui at all. Especially the decoration of the house, we have to look at Feng Shui

irregular room decoration

in some houses with incorrect house type, there will always be some rooms with irregular shape, and the decoration of these irregular rooms must be carried out in strict accordance with the stress in Feng Shui. For example, irregular rooms can never be used as bedrooms. When the space of bedrooms is irregular, our health, fortune, career, wealth And interpersonal relationships, personality, etc., will be affected, so irregular rooms as bedrooms have a great impact; In addition, irregular rooms can not be used as kitchens. Kitchens are small vaults at home. Small vaults need space anyway to have good financial luck, otherwise it will have a great impact on household financial luck. So how should irregular rooms be decorated? According to Feng Shui, irregular rooms are suitable for sundry rooms, cloakrooms, etc. irregular rooms are designed into these spaces that are not commonly used at ordinary times. One can use space, and the other is also in line with Feng Shui

bedroom space decoration

bedroom space decoration also cannot ignore relevant Feng Shui matters. After all, the bedroom is also a first-class and important place. If the decoration of the bedroom violates Feng Shui, or the decoration of the bedroom is inconsistent with Feng Shui, it will only form a very ferocious bedroom Feng Shui. Once the feng shui of the bedroom is ferocious and the atmosphere is bad, it will be very important for our overall fortune Health is a threat. According to Feng Shui, the decoration of the bedroom is full of taboos. In other words, too fancy colors should not be used in the bedroom, and too many fancy decorations should not be placed. The decoration style of the bedroom should be simple, which is in line with the attributes of the bedroom, and the simple atmosphere can make us sleep more stable and live more at ease. In addition, in the decoration of the bedroom, you can use more warm light bulbs, which is more conducive to the feelings between husband and wife

regional decoration of the restaurant

in the decoration of the house, the decoration of the restaurant is a part that can not be despised, because the decoration of the restaurant is very important. It is related to the health of the family, the wealth of the family, the feelings of the family and so on! First of all, in the decoration of the restaurant, too many sharp corners should not appear. Too many sharp corners will affect the feelings of family members, and even lead to cracks between family members; Moreover, too many sharp corners will also have a bad impact on the feng shui of the restaurant itself

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