Where should the balcony face

When choosing a balcony for a residence, you first need to choose a balcony with a good orientation, because the balcony is also a very important air inlet in the residence. A balcony with a good orientation plays a good role in helping transportation

Generally speaking, it is the best balcony in the east or in the East. The balcony is the place closest to nature in the family. The air on the balcony is fresh and the light is sufficient. It can also plant flowers and vegetables, which can bring vitality and vitality to the house. The East and southeast are the rooms most conducive to the entry of vitality. Both directions symbolize the power of growth and have an upward driving force for house transportation

but this is not absolute. For example, there are tall buildings in the east or southeast, which block the vitality and Yang, but will oppress the balcony. Generally speaking, places to the east or south are good

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