How about hanging peony flowers at home

The living room is the most important communication place of a family and the core site of a family. Therefore, it is very important for the whole family. When arranging the home, we also pay special attention to the layout of Feng Shui in the living room. People also attach great importance to the Feng Shui implication of hanging peonies at home. Today, we will mainly explain to you whether it is good to hang peony flowers at home

the living room is the first place for guests to see when they enter the door. The first impression of guests when they come to their own home is very important. Whether you rest with your family or receive guests, you are in the living room. The hanging picture in the living room should not only make people feel pleasing to the eye and get the praise of others, but also be related to the fate of family relations. It is very important to choose the most suitable calligraphy and painting

calligraphy and paintings with auspicious and beautiful meanings must be selected for hanging paintings at home, and traditional Chinese painting flowers and birds meet all these conditions. They imply auspiciousness and harmonious pictures, which are deeply loved by people, and traditional Chinese painting peony has become a typical hanging painting of thousands of families

peony is a unique flower in China. It belongs to the flower with big flower head. Peony is rich in color, elegant and luxurious, and is deeply loved by Chinese people. In the Han Dynasty, peony was known as ” King of flowers, Become an important ornamental flower; In the Tang Dynasty, peony even ascended the throne of Huakui, with ” Natural beauty ” ; It has become the beloved flower of ordinary people and even emperors and generals. Now, peony is known by the people as ” National flower, Therefore, it is also one of the most common themes in Chinese flower and bird painting. It can be seen that the feng shui of hanging peonies at home is quite good

in Feng Shui, peony painting is very conducive to Feng Shui. Peony is also our national flower. It is the king of thousands of flowers and is the favorite of many scholars. There are thousands of poems and paintings praising peony since Lishi, from which we can see the status of peony. Peony painting is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, so it is the first choice for calligraphy and painting in the living room

  ” Wine is drunk in the national color Dynasty, and clothes are dyed at night ” , Peony is a unique and precious flower in China, known as ” National color and natural fragrance” King of flowers ” ; Peony is often expressed by contemporary painters because of its beautiful flower shape, gorgeous color and elegance

the national flower peony has always been loved by everyone because it symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness. Generally, you can choose the north and south for the peony map at home, because the peony is a wood, and the north is the ” Water ” ; Land, wood, water and prosperity; The south is ” Fire ” ; In the past 20 years, this layout has boosted the nine purple wealth stars in Feng Shui; Because the west is ” Gold, Wood should not be Jinke, so peony pictures should not be placed in the West. Peony symbolizes wealth, beauty and prosperity. It is suitable for hanging in the living room and bedroom

as the national flower of, peony is graceful and luxurious, with large and beautiful flowers, implying wealth and auspiciousness, which is a common theme in many home decorative paintings. The picture of the peony is auspicious and satisfactory. The peony has a huge corolla, double petals, delicate and colorful, and green leaves on the left and right. Peony has always been crowned with ” Wealth and auspiciousness” Ten thousand flowers ” ; For thousands of years, it has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth, and is loved by all levels. Peony blossoms are full of vitality. Hanging peony flowers shows the prosperity of the whole family. Peony painting is a common household Feng Shui hanging painting, so placing it in the living room can not only improve the environment, but also help Feng Shui flourish

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