Kitchen curtain pattern taboo

Curtains are almost a necessary thing for our family. Curtains can cover privacy and block the sun. From the perspective of Feng Shui, curtains can also protect the fortune of the family. But the choice of curtain pattern is also very particular. Let’s learn about home feng shui in this issue

home kitchen curtain color Feng Shui pays attention to

I. home kitchen curtain color selection

curtain color selection is generally based on luck. In Feng Shui, for example, common colors include white, yellow and red. It is best not to use too much red or black as the main color in the house, because too red or too black will make people extremely impulsive, It will also affect people’s mood and health

II. The color of home kitchen curtain and home

the color of curtain and home need to be consistent. For example, if most of the home is dominated by white home, it is suggested that the curtain and home color should be consistent in order to have a prosperous atmosphere. In fact, different colors have different help to the feng shui of the house and are inconsistent to the atmosphere

III. home kitchen curtain color and fate

Feng Shui of curtains in home can also be determined according to the fate of the owner, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The preferred orientation is the southwest, and the preferred color is yellow. If the curtain of the house is yellow, it is recommended that yellow be the main color of the house. The curtain is mainly yellow, which can boost the luck of the owner

IV. color and orientation of home kitchen curtains

in fact, colors are used differently in different directions, such as southern green: in Feng Shui, the South dominates inspiration and social ability; Green means vitality. Placing green plants in the south not only adds green beauty, but also has a positive catalytic effect on interpersonal relationships

some people say that curtains are the expression of the taste of the head of a family, so many friends only pursue the style of curtains and ignore the Feng Shui significance of curtains. Maybe a friend wants to ask, curtains and Feng Shui? Yes, money loss, illness, etc. ” Disaster ” ; Maybe it has something to do with the curtains. In this issue of Feng Shui lecture hall, let’s learn how to skillfully use curtains and create good feng shui at home with Ms. Qingyu

pay attention to the choice of curtain color

many friends have such a misunderstanding in choosing curtains: just think the color is good-looking. In fact, in the choice of curtains, in addition to paying attention to the matching with the room style, there is also a certain emphasis on Feng Shui

first of all, avoid bright red curtains. Many people think red is a symbol of festivity and auspiciousness. From the perspective of Feng Shui, bright red is the color of fire, which is difficult to stabilize. On the one hand, it will lead to money loss at home, on the other hand, it will lead to family irritability, even neurasthenia, and it is difficult for families to be harmonious and stable

secondly, do not use pink curtains indiscriminately. Pink curtains can really bring harmony, warmth and pink feeling to the home. Pink is the color of peach blossom in Feng Shui. For unmarried female bedrooms, the installation of pink curtains can increase the good luck of love; But for married families, pink is the ” The real murderer, The bedroom has been shrouded in peach blossom for a long time, which will inevitably attract junior three

finally, the curtain color should be light. The choice of curtain color should be consistent with the fate preferences of family members. Friends who like fire can choose red, purple and other fire colors; Friends who like water can choose fire colors such as blue; The color of numerology like gold can choose fire colors such as gold; Friends of fortune tree can choose wood colors such as green and cyan; For friends and of fortune telling, choose earth colors such as yellow

however, no matter what color of curtain you choose, it should be light. The color of the curtains is too dark, which is not conducive to the exposure of the sun. The bedrooms of both adults and children should keep sufficient light all year round. The curtain color is too dark, which is easy to produce a depressive feeling. All year round, people in the room will have psychological diseases such as depression

curtain patterns should be taboo

ghost faces, skeletons and other fashionable and alternative curtains are more popular with young people. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the curtain Feng Shui of these patterns is extremely bad, and the biggest taboo in Feng Shui is weird. Placing these weird curtains in the bedroom is easy to provoke villains and ghosts, and even cause psychological distortion, especially in families with children. Such curtains will make children’s psychology extreme or even abnormal

the thickness of the curtain is different

the curtain not only beautifies the room, but also blocks the brake. Thin curtains can be used for shading and beauty; As we all know, sharp things have a lot of bad breath. If the front of the room is facing the column, railway track, or the sharp corner formed by the corner of the building or chimney overpass, thick curtains can be used to block the brake

the curtains should be washed and changed frequently

in addition to the door, the curtains are the barrier between the inside and outside of the house. The circulating air outside is easy to dirty the curtains. In addition to dust, there is also a foul air in the air. The dirtier the curtains are, the heavier the foul air attached to the curtains. Therefore, the curtains should be washed and changed frequently, otherwise it will not only affect the air hygiene in the house, but also directly rush into the house through the sunlight. People in the house may suffer from bronchitis

unlucky pattern curtain

in Feng Shui, if the pattern of the curtain is unlucky, it is easy to cause problems in Feng Shui at home. Therefore, when choosing curtains, we must choose those curtains with good meaning and pure color, especially in the living room, bedroom and other important places at home. If there are curtains, we need to pay more attention

choose trendy and alternative curtains carefully

now some curtains on the market are painted with many trendy and alternative patterns. These patterns may cater to the preferences of young people, but they are unlucky in Feng Shui. For example, it is better not to hang these strange patterns on the curtains of the elderly or children, especially those of the elderly or children, because they are not common in the market for a long time

the curtain color should not be too dynamic and gorgeous, and black should not be selected

the curtain color should be more elegant, such as rice gray, light blue, etc. Pure red, orange, lemon yellow and other colors are too dynamic and bright, hanging at home, in the long run, it is easy for residents to be impetuous and impulsive, which is unfavorable to their career. In addition, in order to prevent excessive indoor Yin, pure black curtains should also be avoided

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