Placing Feng Shui in kitchen refrigerator

Generally speaking, refrigerators are placed in the kitchen for easy access to cooking materials. However, if the kitchen area is small, it is best to place the refrigerator in the restaurant. This is because the five element attribute of the refrigerator is water. If the kitchen area is small, it will form a pattern that water and fire are incompatible with the fire of the stove. Therefore, Feng Shui believes that it is better to place the refrigerator in the restaurant

but the refrigerator should be placed in the dining room. First, it should be placed close to the kitchen as much as possible, but the refrigerator should not face the kitchen door, otherwise it will hinder the view and be unfavorable to Feng Shui, which will affect and damage the gas field of the kitchen

secondly, it’s better to place the refrigerator in a ventilated place rather than in an airtight corner, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the refrigerator

finally, as far as the orientation of the refrigerator is concerned, it should face the north, because the North belongs to water, and the placement of the refrigerator facing the north is just consistent with the attribute of water in the north, and can absorb the Yin and cold gas in the north, which is conducive to the refrigeration of the refrigerator and the dissipation of indoor Yin gas

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