Which month of birth is not suitable for dogs

Now there are many pets at home, and dogs are the most common Feng Shui pets. Therefore, Feng Shui pays more attention. In addition to judging whether they are suitable for dogs from the zodiac, they can also be seen from the month of birth

dogs are animals with sufficient Yang Qi, which can give people a warm feeling. However, if the Yang Qi in the month of birth is sufficient, raising a pet dog may lead to excessive Yang Qi, affect physical health, and cause virtual heat, irritability and irritability, especially in women. Generally speaking, people born from May to August are born in the sunny month, which is not particularly suitable for raising dogs

on the contrary, people born between November and February (the coldest time of the year) are most suitable for raising dogs, which can not only dispel the cold on their body, but also promote their own fortune

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