What if the gate is facing the stairs

The door is facing the elevator. In Feng Shui, you often face such embarrassment: open the door, and the people in and out of the elevator will see the situation in the house as soon as they blink. Naturally, the residents can’t do their own things at ease, and they will be more upset. Moreover, the room is seen more by strangers, and the wealth of the family will be stained away

if the door is closed, it will give people the feeling of being trapped in the house, which is not conducive to ventilation and wealth. Secondly, if the door is facing the elevator, it will make ” Sound Sha ” , The noise of pedestrians will affect the health of homeowners and bring bad house transportation to the house. The five elements of the elevator belong to gold, which is particularly unfavorable for the house with the door open to the East. The five elements of the family who are prosperous or lack of wood are also very unsuitable for such a house

if the door has been opened to the elevator, it’s best to hang a red evil thing at the door. In addition, the sound insulation effect of the gate must be very good

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