Which items should not be placed at the head of the bed

The placement of bedside items is very particular about feng shui. We should understand some Feng Shui common sense and avoid placing items that are unfavorable to Feng Shui

the following items are particularly taboo at the head of the bed: :

clock : the clock has a very adverse impact on sleep. In Feng Shui, the clock is Yang and dynamic, while the bed is Yin and static. The clock keeps working day and night. The sound of ticking will seriously affect the quality of sleep. Even if you are used to falling asleep in the sound of ticking, your nerves will be disturbed in your sleep, It’s hard to get real rest. In particular, the round red clock not only affects the sleep quality of the owner, but also may make people angry and irritable

flowers : remember not to put flowers next to the couple’s master bedroom and girls’ bed, especially gorgeous roses or peach blossoms. Beautiful flowers are easy to increase personal fortune, but it’s not good to put too gorgeous flowers next to the bed. The bed is a place with strong privacy, which is easy to attract ” Peach blossom evil spirit, The husband and wife may have an affair, which will affect the harmony of the family, and the daughter may fall in love early, which will affect her study

metal or glass ornaments : metal or glass ornaments, which belong to the five elements of gold, have a serious aura and may cause headaches and eye diseases when placed at the head of the bed

in addition, sharp corner or triangular ornaments should not be placed at the head of the bed. These objects themselves have evil Qi and directly rush at the head of the bed, affecting health

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