How to find Wenchang seat at home

” Wenchang ” ; It is one of the stars in the sky in the folk tradition, also known as Wenqu star, which dominates the fame and wealth of scholars in the world. The so-called Wenchang position is Wen. The position in Changxing flying man’s house, where the desk is placed in Wenchang, can make children improve in their studies

The Wenchang position of the study can be determined according to the fortune teller of the house owner and the sitting direction of the house. The fortune teller is relatively complex. Here is only the method to determine the Wenchang position according to the sitting direction. The details are as follows:

shake the house, sit east to west, and Wenchang is in the northwest

Xun house, sitting from the southeast to the northwest, Wenchang is located in the due south

leave the house, sit in the South and face the north, and Wenchang is in the southeast

kunzhai, sitting from the southwest to the northeast, Wenchang is located in the due west

exchange houses, sit West to East, and Wenchang is in the southwest

dry house, sitting from northwest to Southeast, Wenchang is located in the due east

kanzhai, with the north facing the South and Wenchang in the Northeast

Gen house, sitting from the northeast to the southwest, Wenchang is located in the due north

Residential sitting direction Sit east to West Sit southeast to northwest Sit south and face north Sit southwest to northeast Sit West to East Sit northwest to Southeast Sit north and face south Sit northeast to southwest
Wenchang bit Northwest Due south Southeast Zhengxi Southwest Zhengdong Northeast Due north

a study should be set in the Wenchang position of the residence. If limited, a desk can be placed in the Wenchang position in the study, which can also play a corresponding Feng Shui role

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