Home decoration is easy to violate the pattern of villains

If there are villains around us, it will bring us a lot of troubles. For example, it will lead to a lot of unhappy things in our life, or our work will not be satisfactory; When villains play tricks after leaving, how can their luck be smooth? And a person who makes a villain is related to Feng Shui at home. You might as well take a look at the pattern of those who may make a villain in home decoration

insufficient light in home decoration

light is a first-class and important matter in home feng shui, and light is also one of the factors closely related to Feng Shui’s bad luck. Therefore, in decoration, light can never be ignored! If the light in the home is insufficient, the daylighting effect is not good, and the lighting effect of lamps is very poor, which makes the atmosphere of the whole home gloomy, dim and dim. In this way, a dark space will be formed, resulting in more and more Yin Qi in the home; Once yin becomes very serious, Feng Shui in the home will bring a lot of villains to the family, and the family will be entangled and framed by villains; Not only are there more and more villains around you, but also the interpersonal relationship around you is getting worse and worse! It can be seen that in home decoration, if the light is insufficient, it will have a great impact

prominent beam in home decoration

according to the truth, it is not suitable to have prominent beam in home. Prominent beam is a taboo in Feng Shui. This taboo is a taboo that we must pay attention to and cannot be despised! Because the pattern of beam capping will bring very serious consequences and impact, which will pose a great threat to the fortune of the family. In addition, if there is a prominent beam in the home, it will also form a pattern of recruiting villains, resulting in countless villains lurking around the family! You should know that the evil spirit of beam capping will damage the family’s luck, aura and luck. When the family’s luck and personal aura are affected, villains will haunt around. Therefore, in order to prevent villains from making trouble, the pattern of beam capping should not appear in home decoration

there are few people in the decorated house at home

people prefer the home with relatively spacious area and space, because the spacious home is more comfortable to live in, but in fact, if the area of the home is very spacious, but the number of people living in the home is very small, it will form ” There are few people in the house ” ; And this pattern will also bring villains to the family! If there are few people in the house, the house will absorb the essence and Yang of the human body. In this way, it will form ” Curfew ” ; This is not conducive to the momentum of the family; In addition, a spacious and empty house will also give people a feeling of isolation. Living in such a house for a long time will affect our interpersonal relations, damage our noble luck, and bring us endless villains

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