How to design the bedroom wardrobe

Now many families like to adopt the large wall cabinet design of the whole wall to eliminate the sundries in the bedroom out of sight as much as possible, so as to achieve the effect of a wide space visually

the interior design of large wardrobe can be said to be multifarious. The room mainly plans the setting of the inner layer of the wardrobe, and all kinds of clothes should also be placed in categories and zones, so as to avoid stuffing and placing objects, which can not be found when taking them. In addition, the space division of the wardrobe should be reasonably set according to the actual space size of the items

I. maple, beech or cherry wood should be selected as the wood for the wardrobe. These wood are beautiful and solid, and the design in the cabinet can be brought into play freely according to their own needs

II. The type and color of wood boards selected for the outer layer of the wardrobe should match the design of the whole bedroom; The material of the inner layer should be rubber plate or white porcelain plate

III. the wardrobe door should be opened and closed in a sealed manner, avoiding the use of trip doors and shutter doors, because the sealed opening and closing can effectively prevent ants from climbing into the wardrobe from the gap

IV. if the push-pull of the drawer is not very flexible, a small amount of wax can be coated on the corners on both sides, so as to make the push-pull more smooth

v. the selection and style of wardrobe color should be harmonious and unified with the design of the whole room, and contrast color should not be used in a large area

the layout of bedroom furniture mostly depends on the position of room doors and windows. It is customary to stand outside the door and can’t directly see the furnishings of the bed, while it is more appropriate for the window to be parallel to the bed. In addition, the wardrobe, small round tables and chairs are mostly arranged on the side of the bed

there is no fixed mode for the placement of the dresser. It can be placed in parallel with the bedside table or in parallel with the bed body, but pay attention not to make the mirror on the dresser face the bed. In short, the bedroom layout should reflect the overall atmosphere of neatness and elegance, the lines should be smooth, and avoid red tape and overstaffed

the bedroom is a place for people to rest and relax. If too much furniture is placed in the bedroom, people will feel surrounded by layers. The space environment of the bedroom is mainly simple and comfortable. As long as you can lie quietly in bed and enjoy the simplicity of the whole space and the comfort of your mood, it is enough

the bedroom should have enough Yin energy, so as to create a space suitable for rest and sleep. Therefore, the bedroom must be tidy, otherwise it will accumulate filth, which is very unfavorable to people’s luck

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