Will the stairs face the gate

Compared with the old residential buildings, most of them have the situation that the door faces the stairway. This situation can be divided into two categories:

first, the stairway facing the door is downward. The wealth of the host family is very poor or cannot make ends meet, so it is not suitable to lend to others, otherwise it will be like ” Liu Bei borrowed from Jingzhou and never looked back

2. The stairs facing the gate are upward. When the host family goes out, they see the upward stairs, which is easy to cause psychological depression, thus shaping the development of their career. The health of the host family is relatively poor

the solution is very easy: just add a three inch high threshold at the door to gather the gas that is easy to flow away, so that money will accumulate more easily than in the past. Or hang a concave mirror on the lintel. The eight trigrams concave mirror needs to pass before it has effect

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