Are there Feng Shui taboos at the door of commercial housing

In Feng Shui, there are also many taboos in Feng Shui at the door of home; So, are there Feng Shui taboos at the door of commercial housing? What are the Feng Shui taboos at the door of commercial housing? What is the taboo about Feng Shui at home? The following is the taboo

at the door of home feng shui

Feng Shui door taboos of commercial housing

commercial housing What are the taboos of Feng Shui door

I. Feng Shui door taboo flushing elevator

door is an indispensable outlet in Feng Shui, and it is also a place that needs to pay attention to auspiciousness. In Feng Shui, door taboo is opposed to elevator. Elevator is a place where people come and go frequently. You see elevator as soon as you go out, It will not only destroy people’s fortune, but also easily lead to unnecessary right and wrong disasters at home

II. Door to door Feng Shui taboo door to door flush

the two doors are opposite, that is, the formation of hedge between doors is detrimental to financial luck, which is prone to the disaster of losing money and will also cause adverse health. Long term access will lead to disease. Therefore, door to door hedge in Feng Shui. If it is recommended to choose more than three meters for opposite flush, it will have little impact on Feng Shui

Third, the door Feng Shui taboo and balcony hedge

the balcony is the second largest air outlet in the home. Once the door and balcony door form a hedge, there will inevitably be the saying that money comes and goes. The saying that money comes from the front door and comes out from the back door can easily lead to the instability of the atmosphere in Feng Shui, and it is difficult for good feng shui to enter the door in Feng Shui

IV. the location of the gate is taboo in the fierce position

the location of the gate is best determined according to the fate of the owner, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The southwest can be used as the main gate of the prosperity market, and the southwest can also bring great momentum

What are the taboos of the Feng Shui gate of commercial housing

1. Garbage can not be stacked in front of the door, and some should be moved elsewhere

2. Do not face the road rush. Plant trees or set artistic stones in front of the house

3. It is not suitable to face the temple. Temples always give people a gloomy feeling, which is bad for health and luck

4. The gate shall not face the high-voltage tower, electric pole and substation box. It will affect human health within 500m

5. Do not face the elevator door directly. Otherwise, it is unfavorable to financial luck and is prone to schizophrenia and other diseases; The opposite can be separated by screen, porch and compartment

6. There must be no dead trees in front of the door, which will lead to bad luck, or disasters and diseases. They should be removed or uprooted

7. Do not face the corner of others. Feng Shui most taboo sharp power, every day to open the door to (be angry), prone to accidents

8. The outer gate close to the outside of the home should be opened to the Dragon side of the inner gate, or facing the auspicious side, otherwise the direction should be changed with a screen

9. Close to the outer gate outside the home, the direction must not be along the water flow

10. If the outer gate, inner gate and house gate close to the home are connected in a straight line, the compartment shall be covered with a screen or cabinet

11. The height of the door should not be too high, otherwise it will make people feel uncomfortable in prison

12. Do not hang pattern photos on the inward side of the main house door. Those that have been hung should be removed immediately

13. The crossbeam presses the door. If it is suppressed as soon as you enter the door, the family will be depressed and depressed for life

14. If the gate is arched, it looks like a tombstone, which is very unlucky. This situation is seen from time to time in home decoration, which needs to be avoided

15. If the gate is facing the downward stairs, it is ” Defeat the Finance Bureau ” ; It is also made by ” Take water as wealth ” ; Because if there is water in front of the house, luck will flow away. Therefore, the simplest solution is to put a pot of large leaf soil plants at the door to avoid ” Water ” ; Loss of

16. If the gate is facing the corridor or passage, it is called its shape ” Like a sword piercing the heart ” ; Therefore, there is a theory of bad luck. From the perspective of environment, the rapid air flow, dust and noise generated by people passing through the corridor will pass through the door facing the aisle ” Straight ” ; Entering the house does have a certain impact on the home environment. The traditional solution is to add a threshold under the door or set up a porch directly opposite the door

17. If the door is facing the elevator, the gas field of the residence will be diverted and absorbed by the elevator when the elevator entrance is constantly opened and closed. Therefore, from the perspective of geomancy, if the residence originally used as a place for gathering and nourishing gas is directly opposite to the elevator, it will lead to repeated transportation of the family

about What are the taboos of Feng Shui at the door of commercial housing

1. The door taboo is facing the elevator gate

the gate of the elevator is facing the door of the house. The so-called right is that the door is the elevator door, not to the left or right. There will be quarrels on weekdays. When time flies, five yellow and two black, it is easy to have blood light. Some teachers will say that the elevator gate is to send air upstairs, not a brake. Some teachers said that the opening and closing of the gate of the elevator swallowed up like a mouth, which was a white tiger external evil. Either way, if it is facing the elevator gate, the safest way is to put plants at the door

2. It is forbidden to stack sundries inside and outside the gate

both inside and outside the gate are dry, spacious and tidy. It is forbidden to stack garbage at the door. Many families will put shoe cabinets in the entrance channel. Please avoid the channel as much as possible and put them in the channel as a last resort. Please keep them clean. Because the gate is the channel for residential gas, if it is congested and dirty, it is not conducive to auspicious gas entering the house. If the pressure is narrow, everything is not going well

3. The door cannot face the mirror

the mirror here refers to a plane mirror. The mirror is evil in the Yang house. Since it can turn evil spirits, it means it can turn Qi. It will not be selective. It will only turn evil into good. Many teachers say that putting a mirror on the wealth position is equivalent to adding a wealth position. This statement is untenable. Because in the same way, it can be put in the brake position, which is equivalent to adding a brake position. There is no point in putting a mirror. Therefore, the door taboo is facing the mirror, whether it is for their own home or for others

4. The door is closed to the end

the so-called “one pass to the end” means that you can see the balcony when you open the door, or open the door is a channel to the end. Such a house is like being divided in two. Auspicious Qi will not stay in the house, let alone help transportation. The health and career of residents in the house will decline

5. The gate shall not be too wide or too narrow

the gate should not be too wide or too narrow. The ancients believed that if the house is large, the door is larger, and if the house is small, the door is smaller. A small room with a big door or a small door is not auspicious. Of course, this is for villas or rural houses. It is not allowed to adjust the outer wall of an apartment in the city

6. Avoid sharp corners at the gate

sharp corners are also called chicken mouth evil spirits, and the main tongue is official. The principle is that the air flow is too fast and shoots at the gate. If the door of the home is facing the sharp corner, the safest way is to hang convex mirrors on the door and put plants next to the door. It should be reminded that if the gas field of the house itself is very good, the harm of external evil is small. If the gas field of the house itself is very poor, the harm of external evil is great. Therefore, the external evil can not be solved by placing things

7. Do not have vines on the door and wall

plants climbing vines on the gate and the wall of the gate are the most taboo in public houses. Vine like plants belong to the Yin, which is the image of a flying snake. If they cover the door wall, they will keep talking, be plagued with diseases, and their families will be melancholy and gloomy. The more luxuriant the vines, the lower the family fortune. So remind people who love beauty not to affect Feng Shui for the sake of beautiful decoration

8. Do not flush the door

the gate is an air inlet with strong gas field. If it rushes to the door, it will seriously affect the residents in the house. For example, if the door can’t go straight to the bedroom, you can’t sleep well. If you can’t go straight to the baby room, you keep crying. If you can’t flush the toilet directly, you will have rotten peach blossom and urinary disease. If you can’t go straight to the kitchen, you’ll lose all your blood. Wait

9. Color of gate mat

a teacher said that the color of the foot pedal entering the door is also different according to the location of the door. For example, when the door is opened, put a black doormat in the East and Northeast; When the door is opened, green doormats are placed in the South and Southeast; When the door is opened, yellow doormats are placed in the southwest of the West; When the door is opened, the milky white doormat is placed in the north and northwest. These are theoretical links, which may not work in practice. It is safe to adjust the color of the doormat according to the fleeting Feng Shui

10. Door to door is the most taboo

it is said that if two doors are open, one will lose. Door to door here does not mean to open the door to the house, but directly opposite the neighbor’s door. But the apartment building is almost open to each other, which is inevitable. The correct understanding of this sentence should be that the two doors should be open to each other, and there should be no big bite and small bite. If the other party’s door is big and our door is small, there is the phenomenon of taking a big bite

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